Help a Young Woman and Maybe Help Yourself to a Few Bucks

Margo McReynolds Gooch

Photo from Redwood Times

by Susan Gardener

With mostly absent parents, Margo Gooch (13) is being raised by a grandmother who is often ill. Money is extremely tight in their small home and  another girl in her situation might be floundering but instead, somehow, she radiates light and captures the hearts of almost everyone who knows her.  Recently, she was top ticket seller for the Redway School PTA fair and now she is putting her sales skills to work for herself.

This year she was nominated to go to the Junior National Young Leaders Conference by her teacher Dan Brown.  According to Margo’s grandmother, Marling McReynolds, “The purpose of the JrNYLC is to honor  and inspire the most exceptional middle school students in the nation, distinguished by their academic excellence ( her gpa was 3.6 on her last report card), leadership potential and maturity, and to reinforce the virtues of leadership, citizenship and democracy using Washington, DC as their classroom.”

The program costs money, lots of money, so Margo and her grandmother have been making the rounds of the local service clubs in the area and the groups are helping her.  But, Margo isn’t content to just ask for money.  She is out selling tickets to a 50/50 raffle.  So far she has raised over $2000.  Half the money will go to the raffle winner and half will be used to send her back East.

Her grandmother told me, “[Margo] has an account at the Community Credit Union in Garberville, #11674, into which anyone can deposit money to help her.  She also has enjoyed notes, some with checks, from people encouraging her in her goal, sent to Margo Gooch, Box 129, Redway, CA 95560.

I’ve known her for years and I know she is the kind of young woman who will take this experience and transform it into a way to help others.  If you are searching for a way to give personally and intelligently this Christmas season, Margo’s cause is perfect for you (and you might even win money yourself.) Call  707 923-7149 to be part of the raffle or send a check to Margo Gooch, Box 129, Redway, CA 95560

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