Sinister Sludge for Christmas

If you are looking for some stocking stuffers for the kids on your list to counterbalance the sugar overload, Rosen Publishing has a series of colorful graphic books that offer facts on environmental dangers in a sweet little bright colored package.   The reading level is for 9-12 year olds but my 6 year old not only likes me to read them to him, he packs them around pouring over the pictures.  Today, he entertained a friend with blow by blow descriptions (somewhat filtered through his imagination) of the panels within.

Striking illustrations with inviting colors and easy to read words draw the reader into the book.  The information is presented smoothly and, in such a way, that, subltly, the kid almost feels like a superhero being briefed on a problem. Yet, kids aren’t talked down to either. In Energy Crisis, the text explains “Fossil fuels can exist in three forms.  Coal, …is the solid form.  Liquid Fossil fuel is called petroleum.  Petroleum is used to make gasoline and plastics. Fossil fuel can also be found in a gaseous state, known as natural gas.”

There are six books in the series. I own four,  all by Daniel Faust.  The books appeal to my little guy.  I’ll bet they’ll appeal to little guys in your life.



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