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Follow my line of thought here.  It’s convoluted but I’ll try and keep it simple. Halloween =Scary + Fun

Scary=Evil-trying-to-get-me. Thus, Halloween=Evil-trying-to-get-me + fun

That is why I am responding to a Meme here.

What?  You don’t get it?  Let me spell it out…

Memes are Evil but I enjoy reading other people’s responses.  People tagging me with Meme’s are evil people trying to get me. Thus we have Halloween=Memes.

I have been tagged with a 7 Random Facts about Me Meme. (Yes, I am fully aware that I just wrote ‘me’ three times. Me Meme. But that’s the kind of person I am, Life’s all about me, me, me.) Since its Halloween, let’s add in a squeeze of pumpkin and a pinch of cobwebs.

1.  Once my evil mother (I know some of you think she is a saint–my oldest child threw her up to me as a saint last night—but she can be vicious.) made me go trick-or-treating with nothing but my Dad’s old hunting jacket and my brother’s paper mache’ Jack-o-Lantern that he made in first grade.  I had to be the Headless Horseman when every other girl in fourth grade was a princess or a movie star.  I’m still traumatized. I’ll bet I’m not the only one with costume trauma. (Someday, I’ll crawl to the Pearly Gates and St. Peter will take one look and yell “Emergency, we have another victim of Costume trauma.  Get her to the E.R. stat!)

2. I steal borrow my children’s Halloween candy. I don’t want them to get sick….so I sacrifice my size 6 pants on the altar of their good health. (I wonder if St. Peter might not send me to the other place for this idolatry after they fix up my costume trama.)

3. Once I took another kid trick-or-treating and, attempting to live up to his vampire costume, he chomped a glow-in-the-dark bracelet that I had given him– glowing green goo oozed out of his mouth while we all stood around awestruck with horror–hours later it was still occasionally trickling out. Then right in front of my eyes, he caught his cloak on fire from a Jack-o-Lantern and we had to roll him screaming on the ground.  I saw his open mouth really well because it was outlined with green goo….

Do you want someone to watch your kid go trick-or-treating this year?

4. I start buying Halloween candy right after Easter.  I think those little marshmallow chicks look really scary after 6 months….

5.After seeing The Exorcist many years ago, I trailed my blankie behind me down the hall and knocked on the door , pleading to sleep with …my college housemate that night.  Even as an adult, I’m not overly brave. (And no, I did not taste her cherry chapstick! She made me sleep on the floor.)

6. Yesterday, the store had 10 of those great big Hershey bars on sale for 10 dollars…I’m betting there will still be three left tomorrow for my kids…  Otherwise, I’ll have to go back.  I wonder if the store will still have the same deal?

7. Do you think there is a special hell for mom’s who not only eat their kids’ Halloween candy but lie about it?   Not that I’m talking about me…Just sort of speculating, for the sake of science…


I’m supposed to tag other people

1. Heather because I’ll bet she eats her kid’s candy, too–St. Peter might not have room for her either.

2. Jen because she makes me laugh.

3. Just a small Town Girl who had a horrible Halloween last year.

4. Ernie because I’ll bet he has some great Halloween tales of around here when he was a kid.  Hint, hint?

  • Laytonville Rock


  • If I didn’t hate spiders so much, I would say what a great photo this is. But in light of the subject, all I can say is, “GET ME OUTTA HERE!”

    So it’s all your Mom’s fault. That’s what they all say.

  • Like I told Max, I’m not evil.

  • Both beautiful and time-appropriate! You are too clever by half Kym!

  • Boy do I love that picture. Bet you could sell it. And no, you only go to purgatory for stealing your kids candy and lying about it. After all, it’s for their own good.

  • “7. Do you think there is a special hell for mom’s who not only eat their kids’ Halloween candy but lie about it? Not that I’m talking about me…Just sort of speculating, for the sake of science…”


  • It has always been my theory, that once someone has reached adulthood they can no longer blame their imperfections on a well meaning parent. Adulthood means to stand up and take responsibility for your own actions.
    Now, if you will excuse me, I have a Costco size bag of chocolate chips that are calling me.


  • I love spiders. 🙂 I bought a giant bag of Reeses last week. Strangely, there are almost none left, and I am tempted to turn my porch light off tomorrow and enjoy the last few myself. There’s probably a special hell for that too, LOL.

  • How about moms who tell their kids that if they leave all their trick-or-treat candy under the bed, the “Good Witch of Halloween” will replace it all with cool toys and…. books!?! Ok, maybe I’m the only one, but I’ll take the blame for any childhood trauma it causes if I also get credit for the good dental checkups…

    Gorgeous web, Kym. You even captured the pearls of dew in her lines. When it comes to creepy crawlies, I’ll take spiders over scorpions or centipedes any day.

  • Gorgeous capture of a creepy crawly, very appropriate for the season. Well, I least I wasn’t the only mom who stole her son’s candy. I did it for them! Yeah…for them! I must say I’ve been eating Halloween candy (chocolates, of course) for the last two days and I think I’m over it. For this year. Maybe. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

  • Great meme, Kym. Love it
    The photo is just perfect too.

  • I’ve seen several spiders around here, including in my firewood. Are any of them dangerous? And can I count on you to tell me the truth or will you tell me something scary instead because it’s Halloween? How can I know the difference?

  • Thanks all.

    Joe, heh, heh, I’m pretty wicked especially with the newcomers… But, there are two very nasty spiders around here–the black widow and the brown recluse–and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for any one really getting hurt. Although the widow is supposed to be the worst, I’ve never actually known anybody bit by one. The recluse however has put several people I like in the hospital. The best way to identify a black widow is by the red hour glass. Very sticky, almost coarse webs are another way.

    Now, the strange, eerie Halloween part of the story is…scientists supposedly have never found a brown recluse around here. How come several people end up in the hospital but there has never been a brown recluse identified here?…Only the Shadow knows.,

  • Great capture of Halloween. Its like a decoration you might buy for the holiday.

  • Kym… I feel like a brat commenting but the University of California has never seen a Brown Recluse specimen from Northern California. All of the “bites” have been staph. I know I risk a big argument but that’s what Cal says. I do love this photo… The spider is doing a sun salute. Beautiful.

  • Hah, Ben, you did not read the rest of my comment “scientists supposedly have never found a brown recluse around here.” Bratted you back! ;>

  • Awesome picture. The Redneck insists the web of an Orb Weaver is “good luck” which means I’m not allowed to get rid of them. It’s kind of ironic since he’s TERRIFIED of spiders and calls me in to kill them.
    *shakes head*
    And I NEVER steal my kid’s candy. Of course not. Never.

  • It is not stealing. It is saving your children from dental problems. Repeat after me. It is not stealing.

  • Fantastic photo and I was laughing all the way through the post! Thanks – Steve

  • Kym.. You are right. I didn’t finish reading your post. I’ll try to boost my punctured ego by reporting that you can tell a Brown Recluse by looking veeeery closely at its eyes. It will have three on each side of its little bitty head so you’ll need a microscope to manage this feat. Six eyes (total)… wrap it and send it to Cal… In Missouri and the midwest they have them by the zillions but they are so reclusive that there are very few bites.

  • Dang, I haven’t eaten a single piece of candy forever! My budget is way too tight for that. Yesterday at the San Francisco Halloween festival, though, I was given some sort of organic, fake chocolate bar that tasted horrible. I ate the whole thing though because I needed to get the even nastier taste of an overly strong drink out of my mouth.
    Anyway, when I was a kid I was so serious about my candy that there is no way that anyone got away with stealing my candy! Those were the days. However, the last few Halloweens have been some of the most fun in my life. Viva San Francisco (and Tokyo!)!

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