Sunrise over a Fog Cover

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Yesterday, the sun didn’t want to get up either.  Snuggled down under a blanket of fog and pillowed against the clouds, it lingered on the horizon hoping the rooster had made a mistake.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Very nice. Next time try to frame it so the line isn’t down the exact middle, but somewhere around a third. Here is an article on the the rule of thirds.

  • So pretty. It almost seems like the fog is a cloud.

  • Great description of a great photo.

  • Actually, I like it being centered. It reminds me of a deep pool of water and the sky. Or how we are all part spirit, part flesh. Lovely photo. We never see the sunrise from our place, although even if we could we probably wouldn’t. LOL. I am always impressed that many of your photos are taken in the early morning. You must be an early riser. I imagine you out walking in the dawn hearkening in the new day!

  • Kym, although the rule of thirds may apply to some things, I think that your composition on this photo is perfect. The grass in the foreground brings a person into the picture, and gives one that feeling that they are actually there.

    It is a study of balances and opposites, like Yin and Yang. I like that you reduced the exposure time to give drama to the colors. The sky contrasts with the earth, and the clouds give balance to the fog below.

    It gives value, presence, and meaning to a quite, yet promising Southern Humboldt morning.

    You have inherent talent, march to your own drum, forget the rules, and write your own pages in the new rule book!

  • Silverstar, I did try upper third and lower third for the sun on a couple of the shots I took but this time right in the center came out the best. When I put the sun low, the fog basically disappeared. When I put the sun high, the sky got over exposed! You do such nice photos that I appreciate your suggestions. I still remember the tip about the framing.

    Maggie, what I couldn’t capture was the incredible translucent quality of the fog.

    Aunt Jackie, thanks for noticing my little prose poem. I enjoyed doing it.

    Tj, What a lovely symbolism you’ve assigned my photo. I won’t look at it the same again. As to seeing the sunrise, I always think of you as being up with me. I often hear faint noises carrying across the canyon and imagine you and Mark and Eric sharing my morning joy. My husband has to leave for work early so I get up at 5-5:30 most days. Now I know it must be one of the other neighbors. Shucks, I liked it better when I thought of you all on the ranch doing cowboy stuff while I did home stuff.

    Ernie, I didn’t even know what I had done to make the colors a little more passionate. I just knew I liked it. Thanks for giving me the tip and thanks for being so kind about my work.

  • I like this one centered. 🙂 If it weren’t, you’d miss either the upper layer of clouds or the lower grasses, and I love both pieces!

  • I like it as is. What Elizabeth said, you’d either miss the grasses or the clouds, both of which add greatly to the shot.

  • I love it. I had a similiar type of view on Tuesday up in McKinleyville, but did not have my camera with me to snap some shots!

  • …hoping the rooster had made a mistake. LOL!

    Picasso said this about the rule of thirds aka the golden ratio: “Art is not the application of a canon of beauty but what the instinct and the brain can conceive beyond any canon. When we love a woman we don’t start measuring her limbs.”

    That said, I tend to agree with silverstar on this one. I like the pic better when I scroll my browser so that the sky and dark clouds are cropped off the top.

  • I came here from Archie’s Archive, and I’m glad I did! Beautiful photos and elegant words. thanks!

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