Another Angle on Fall Flowers


Delicate as spring,

Japanese Anenome

Flowers in Autumn.



  • The colors are breathtaking!

  • I don’t recall ever seeing this flower before. Is it in your garden?

  • I love this flower Elaine.

    I have it in the backyard, Aunt Jackie, but it doesn’t bloom until fall so most people never see it. I usually have most of my gatherings in the Spring and Summer.

  • My anenomes are a bright pink and, under normal circumstances, I would have huge banks of pink in my yard but instead the deer have dined on them for the last month so now I have just a spot of pink here and there among the hundreds of spikes of deheaded stems.

    Have I ever mentioned that I really don’t like deer no matter how beautiful and graceful they appear to be?

  • Fantastic shot! Love the blush of pink on the petals. Nice framing.

  • I would like to get some different colors and have more of these sweet plants.

    And thank you Toni.

  • I like the shadows cast upon the petals by the filaments and anthers. One doesn’t usually see this in pics of flowers.

  • Forkboy, I like the shadows, too, thanks for noticing them. I had to use Lightroom to darken the shadows so that they showed up as much as I wanted. (I’m a shadow fan. I have several pics of shadows that I think most people wouldn’t even know what I was photographing but I like them.)

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