It's a Gas: Prices keep Dropping

Sky High Prices

Daily Photo

taken in June of this year

Yesterday, I paid $3.059 for gas at Costco. A $1.73 cent drop in about 4 months.  The economic mess has helped reduce the price to almost tolerable levels.

UPDATE:  Kim Sallaway, local photographer, tells me that the Shell station has dropped Regular to $2.99/gallon!



  • It is due the election. Gas prices will go up after the election.

  • I haven’t bought gas for weeks (my bicycle gets infinite miles per gallon). Costco here has it for 2.72 per gallon. Still too expensive! Hopefully it continues to drop for the next time I hit the road.

  • I’m so glad you covered this, Kym! I was shocked when I drove through Eureka this morning, on my way to Ferndale, for work. I saw the same thing Kim Salloway saw… Almost makes me want to put gas in my car within the next week, even in if doesn’t need a refill yet. To think I was stoked when I filled up 2 weeks ago and it was “only” around $3.50.

    It’s even more exciting now that I’m walking to campus 5 days a week and only need to fill my car about once every 3 weeks, as opposed to the once a week I was doing it when I was in Ferndale every day.

    Amazing how quickly those savings add up!

  • I was shocked to find $2.19 a gallon (mostly due to a local gas war) here in The Wilds. i, too, am guessing ‘elections’, but am about to give up in truly understanding gas economics.

    love the pic, nonetheless… especially the deep blue evening clouds and sky.

  • Blue Lake Casino had gas last weekend only for $2.99/gal, and 5 cents less if you paid cash. That was while everyone else was still up around $3.59 I think. Now the other stations have come down quite a bit, and looks like the Casino has dropped back to $2.99. I haven’t been by to see its price today. They are usually 10 or 15 cents lower than the other gas station in Blue Lake. Quite a huge drop since summer, and to borrow a phrase from Martha Stewart, “It’s a GOOD thing!”

  • I went to the P.O. just now and drove over to the Casino…$2.79, $2.74 cash.

  • $2.39 a gallon over here.

  • I’m still enraptured over this biblical-blue sky! Is there a Costco in Humboldt?

  • Elaine, yes, there is a Costco in Humboldt County, in Eureka. It’s gas prices are not quite as low as the Casino’s though. But close.

  • I saw an electric dirt bike at the Garberville Farmers Market green event last Friday. Incredible! Fast and silent, also expensive.

  • I’m one of those freaks who thinks it’s good to have high gas prices. People in the U.S. drove 78 BILLION fewer miles in from November through August than during the same period the previous year. That’s a savings of roughly 3.9 BILLION gallons of fuel. That’s good for the planet!

    Even so, as a went by my local gas station the other day, I was relieved to see the price so low. Sometimes my wallet speaks louder to me than nature….what can I say…

  • Wow, Chris, I had thought about the the lowered use of gas but I hadn’t realized it would be so much…Now, I’m less happy about the prices. Gee, thanks;>

  • High gas prices are good and europe has them. They pay lots of dollars in taxes. High prices in the USA go to prpfits of the oil companies.

  • Good point, Tom.
    OK, I’m back to being glad that prices are dropping!

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