Rare Dip into Fan Girl

Let me indulge myself with a rare dip into fangirl ( a friend just sent me a photo of her lounging about in Hollywood with Nathan Fillion, the lead actor in Firefly, my favorite show and I might have to weep [again] about the shows demise if I don’t get some relief. Plus, I had to try out the new poll feature here.)

[polldaddy poll=1021781]

Also if you are a fan of the show (and don’t tell me if you’re not) go here to vote on your favorite …mmm…actor/actress.



  • You can only vote once on my poll but I discovered the other allows you to vote as many times as you like. Ya, ha, ha!

  • The vote has only been up a scant hour and people are begging to know what it is–my trap has worked. Amazon has a great deal on the series right now (and if you know me in person, just ask, and I’ll lend you my copy.)

  • Woo hoo! And here’s a little plug for my site where reviews of all the Firefly episodes can be found for those who just can’t get enough…


  • Chris, your link isn’t working.

    But, Chris has analysis of the show that is more in depth than most. (we became friends over his essays.) Click on his name, then look to the right on his blog under “categories” then “shows I like” then “Firefly.”
    You won’t be sorry.

  • Don’t forget about the movie: Serenity. I have seen it a number of times and still can’t get enough. A friend of mine even has the symbol “serenity”, which is on the ship, as a tattoo. Nice reference Kym. You never know who is into these things!

  • Amazing, isn’t it Joe, how a canceled TV show of less than a full season went on to become a big budget movie (which I enjoyed but I LOVED the show–it is the only tv/movie type show that I have become a Fan of.)

  • Shawna and I tried watching it and… well… um… Let’s just say that Star Trek: Enterprise was more entertaining to me

  • I’m trying to remember that diverse opinions are important to a blog –a conversation can’t happen without a little disagreement but BLASPHEMY!!!!! I don’t know if I can allow such evil to remain to violate innocent eyes.

  • I think DJ (my little bro) just likes being contrary (Dontcha, Dan?). I still have AM’s copy of Firefly that she loaned me last Christmas, and have watched it over & over. AND, being a long-time Trekker, I gotta say, I actually like Firefly more than Enterprise. Though, they are different, almost to the point of being different genres, and shouldn’t really be compared at all.

  • Ahhh! That is why I allow diverse opinions because I know I’m right and the preponderance of logical intelligent viewers overwhelmingly admire this show!

    (And you are so right– comparing Star Trek and Firefly is like apples and oranges.)

  • How strange…well, of course when I press the link, it works for me….here’s another:


  • Piffle, It’s working now for me, too. I clicked it several times. I’ve been having this problem occasionally on my provider (Starband, which USED to be a fine company but now has troubles.)

  • maybe I was watching the wrong show. Shawna and I just didn’t get it.

  • Did you start with the 1st episode (not the train robbery)? Sometimes people try to watch the show in the order it was aired not the order it was intended to be shown. That can be confusing

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