Hunting Season Over, Bucks Return

Young Buck

Daily Photo

Bucks know that hunting season in our area is over.  Again, they graze the hills and sneak into my yard and nibble the buds off my roses.  Handsome heads peer unconcernedly at passing cars, a sharp contrast to the bare flick of the tail seen disappearing into bushes for the last two months.  How do they know they are safe?



  • Great to see such a healthy buck after our terribly dry summer.

  • I’m always amazed – though I shouldn’t be – at how perceptive they are. In my first apt in CA, there was a flock of turkeys that roamed the grounds and nearby woods. The first fall, they disappeared at the beginning of November. No lie – they came back again the day after Thanksgiving!

  • Perhaps they can smell bloodthirst.

  • err no, we are in the b zone, dates are generally
    16-Aug-08 – 07-Sep-08 20-Sep-08 – 26-Oct-08
    1st two are start and end of archery
    2nd two are general.

    We didn’t even bother this year to get tags, haven’t even gone out either.

    Any pubic lands around your area? Maybe I can send a relative or firend down to get it.

  • though b4 zone which is generally west of 101 starts and ends earlier
    26-Jul-08 – 17-Aug-08 23-Aug-08 – 28-Sep-08

    I thought you were east of 101 though.

  • ok. google mapped hacker creek, west of 101. B4 zone

  • Great picture, I miss seeing large (non-marine) mammals out here, with the exception of the wild horses. No moose, deer, bears, wolf – it’s hard to get used to after 19 years living on mainland Alaska . . . I do enjoy the foxes and eagles though . . .

  • The bucks up here are fat and healthy. I don’t know where they hide out until the season is over (believe me, Cap, I live in a house of hunters–I know when hunting season is over. My family almost had a schism when a beloved friend got married on the first day of hunting season.) I love all the small and large animals around here. Yesterday, I was thrilled to catch a glimpse of an adolescent bobcat!

  • What a handsome fellow and great picture. You’re always on top of things Kym!

  • Damn, that looks exactly like the Robo-Buck the game warden puts out to catch stupid out-of-season hunters……, like my cousin.

  • I have a great robo deer story but I’m not sure I’m allowed to tell it even if I change the names to protect the not so innocent.

  • deer story kym i saw a buck and a female doing the mating dance around a large slash pile in my backyard 3 times around and prancing love your site

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