Helicopters Flying North Ignite Rumors

Helicopter from earlier this year

Four helicopters flew formation north bound today.  The black machines were typical of those used by law enforcement said several people who spotted them in the Southern Humboldt skies early Sunday.  The large number and the military formation sparked rumors of raids but, at least one person suggested that the rain had caused most growers to pull crops early for fear of mold thus foiling marijuana raids planned earlier in the year.  “They might be just heading out of the area,” said one local hopefully.



  • Well, four black helicopters flew over the Noll contest today in Crescent City… People waved, but I was unclear what they were.

    Helpful, I know.

  • Actually, Jennifer, I’ll bet the knowledge that these guys are up in Del Norte County will sooth many people!

  • They were flying fairly low when they came over our house. The fact that there were four of them and they were flying so low, the house actually shook. I thought they were going to land in the pasture.

  • Off topic – Nice article, Kym, that you wrote for the NCJ on the diesel spill. Thank you!

  • It’s probably that U.N. invasion force those freak anti-government types always profess to see in places like N.D. and MT.

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