Symbolic Seating?

Clif Clendenen

In a Melville novel, the fact that yesterday Paul Gallegos ate at a table towards the kitchen of Hurricane Kate’s while Clif Clendenen ate centered in the halo of the front window would be symbolic of their political fortunes…

For the record, we weren’t seated near a window either.



  • The hurricane–a big storm–means that a major test is coming. Along with this test will be a chance to do the right thing for the right reasons.

    Being close to the window might be a good thing is one is close to the ocean. Of course, one has to approach the sea for the proper reasons and with adequate maturity.

    Is it possible that either of the two men sees the great white whale as just a big fish?

  • Not being of the proper maturity, nor wise in the ways of the sea, I don’t know the answer. Of course, failure to see the broader picture is a consequence of not being seated next to the window;>

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