Harvest for Law Enforcement in Southern Humboldt

Fall leaves color the hills and a different kind of fall foliage waved its tutti frutti scent down the main street of Garberville around noon today.  Passerbys inhaled the pungent sweet odor and turned to each other questioningly.

“A truck just drove by filled with marijuana,” explained Lisa Music, owner of Pizzazz, a hip clothing store in that Southern Humboldt town.  Encountering startled looks, she hastened to add, “A sheriff’s truck.”

A few minutes later, a horse trailer pulled by an official vehicle and accompanied by two other sheriff trucks parked just outside the Eel River Conservation Camp.  Peeking like prisoners through the slats were large green marijuana buds.  The pungent scent wafted over the hills and mingled with the other fall foliage.  It is harvest time again.

UPDATE:  According to Brenda Godsey of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s office,  there were operations today on the Woods Ranch, Sprowel Creek and in Seely Creek that could have been the source for the harvest.



  • It’s funny, when I was working at Leon’s Mufflers in Eureka, years ago, the Sheriff’s office brought their horse trailer in for some brake work and it was filled with weed. They had to have a couple of officers accompanying the trailer the entire time. I remember going out back and stepping on the edge of the trailer, peering over the side in amazement…

    Harvest season, indeed.

  • LMAO!!! Ah the smell of freshly cut…..grass.

  • I love the smell of the air before the first rains of autumn! Last night’s sunset was beautiful with the colorful clouds. Anticipating the rain, I planted lettuce, carrots, and radishes. This morning I scurried around to put away the deck chairs as the first sprinkles came down. After this rain, we will harvest our pumpkin patch. I love autumn!

  • Carol, you are inspiring me to plant a fall garden!

    Monica and Jen, Isn’t Humboldt unique?

  • Seely Creek dweller

    Why no KMUD report Weds or Thurs? NO word on what happened exactly or where after a long day of choppers and cops. Lots of stories about garage sales and the state budget. Does KMUD no longer care about informing the local community?

    I heard rumors there were federal agents involved. Does anyone know ANYTHING?

  • I’m trying to track down rumors but not having much success!

  • It was only a brief report but KMUD did report Oct 2 Thursday night on Wednesdays Oct 1 helicopter supported activities in Seely Creek etc. You can listen to it or download it at their archives page (http://kmud.org/site001/program-schedule/302.html). Details are still lacking, but let’s not blame the ‘mud for not having them. Are there journalists who can find the information about which agencies were involved that day?

    By the way, great story in the NCJ! And a very ironic title to this blog.

  • Thanks for the info, Gary. I love getting help from people and spreading the information around.

  • Kym, I am enjoying all your articles and your photos say so much. You are a gifted writer and photographer. Keep up the good work and keep putting it down for our culture.

  • Thanks, you made me smile!

  • hey i was wondering if any of the caregivers in humboldt needed help clipping or really any kinde of work i halve my medical card and i want to get into caregiving im very into this kinde of thing i want to do anything i can to help this cause i halve some experiance in ethnobotanicals i would love to help any ways i can even if it means a low paying job let me know

  • Michael,

    People are rightly reluctant to hire workers they don’t know. I don’t know the answer for you. My best advice is move here, work in another field but get to know locals and you will probably end up with a job by next fall.

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