Flight of a Gull

Flight of the Gull

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Omnipresent at the ocean, arrogant and loud, demanding “Mine, mine, mine” nearly constantly, a seagull’s silvery beauty fades beneath its raucous personality.  Luckily, a photo is silent and the pure grace of a gull in flight can be appreciated.



  • Whether society prospers or comes crashing down, these things will do just fine, thank you. They’re survivors…I’ll bet they have a great disaster plan all worked out between them (to reference your recent post): “OK, if we can’t get bread crumbs from the kids in the school yard anymore, then we’ll all meet at the dump and eat our fill…”

  • The first thing that came to mind, after reading your bit and looking at the picture, was how I should rent Hitchcock’s The Birds.

    That’s a nice pic though. Great job at keeping the motion blur to a minimum.

  • I love to watch seagulls flying.

  • Chris, I suspect those seagulls are eyeing our fat butts as pure storage in case of disaster. Like Forkboy said, those guys make me think of Hitchcock’s movie.

    Forkboy, I’m experimenting with trying to get a tiny bit of blur to convey motion. Mostly, I’m failing miserably but I like this one.

    Aunt Jackie, me, too!

  • Have you ever stood on the edge off a precipice and held food up to the seagulls? They will drift in on the air currents and hang above you in the uplifting air, and warily eye you until another gull comes close. Then they will swoop in and quickly take the food out of your hand before the other one can. Great fun, I can do it all day!

  • It sounds like you and I have been having the same thoughts (regarding motion blur) of late……great minds do think alike!


  • Ernie, no, I haven’t done that but Kim Sallaway’s photo of a gull that he took while feeding the seagull’s left me speechless it was so beautiful. I’ll have to try it sometime–though as a rule I try not to feed wildlife. But somehow gull’s seem extradomestical–they are so oddly intertwined with us at beaches.

    Forkboy, I’ve been watching what you’ve been doing and enjoying the ideas.

  • Any photo or chance encounter with gulls brings back a memory from July 1978 in the parking lot for the Soo Locks tour (Sault Ste. Marie, MI). We parked under a light pole & you-know-what was all over my windshield when we returned from the locks tour. GAG! Reminder: Never ever park under light poles in parking lots.


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