Are You Prepared?

My Husband could be Mad Max

Are you prepared?

I’m sure not.

The current financial crisis fell smack on top of the usual subdued concerns about natural disasters and I started wondering if, well, you know, the world as we know it could end and The Garberville Vet’s Hall would become the Thunderdome and my husband would be Mad Max and I could be Tina Turner (only whiter and maybe I’d better not sing and maybe somehow the lack of amenities would make me exercise more and my legs would look almost as good as hers).  And, in spite of thinking my husband would be a great survivalist, I started worrying would my family starve and then… my mother sent me the following piece.

It’s a little vanity I have that when I take tests, I usually score well. And I have food stored enough to get us through a couple weeks actually– so I smugly began reading the questions.


Take the Test!Below the fold.
Is Your Family Prepared?

________ 1. Do you have a plan to meet family members at a pre-

set point if you cannot access your home? (5 points) I have a plan, my husband has a plan, my kids each have plans.  I don’t think they’re the same plans…

________ 2. Does your family have a plan for where family members will stay if they are unable to reach home? Hey! I know… Mooooom, can we stay with you? For months maybe?  And will you fix me stroganoff and homemade bread and chocolate chip cookies.  Hmm, This disaster stuff sounds kinda fun…for me.  I’m a little worried my legs will look even less like Tina Turner’s though if we stay long.
(5 points)
________ 3. Do you have an emergency “message center” plan? That

means agreeing on an out-of-state friend or relative where every family member can leave word after a

disaster strikes. (5 points)Anyone want to volunteer?  I’ll be glad to come stay for an extended visit if things look bad here.  Do you make homemade bread?
________ 4. Do you have an emergency stash of food supplies at your

house? (5 points plus 5 bonus points if you have a full

week of supplies)At least two weeks, but I only have 3 Costco sized bags of Chocolate Chips.  I don’t think that is enough!!!
________ 5. Do you have an emergency stash of water supplies at your

house?(5 points plus 5 bonus points if you have a full

week of water) I have my own water tank.  Yay, for country life!
________ 6. Do you have a small emergency medical kit at your house,

including a copy of your prescriptions, spare

eyeglasses, hearing aid batteries and other health

essentials? (5 points) Are you kidding? I can’t even find my eyeglasses right now and I have 4 pairs.
________ 7. Do all family members know how to shut off your water,

gas and power?(5 points plus 5 bonus points if you have

a wrench tied to your gas shut off valve or have an

automatic gas shut-off valve.)Remember, I don’t know where my eyeglasses are.  Why in the heck would I know where a wrench was.
________ 8. Do you have a plan with your neighbors to check on each

other after a disaster? (5 points plus 5 bonus points

if you have a Neighborhood Emergency Response

Organization group established in your neighborhood.Does knowing who to call in case of law enforcement on the hill count?
Add 5 more bonus points if your home emergency kit

includes a battery operated radio.One battery operated radio?  Heck, I got a few but I can’t find them.
________ 9. Have any of your family members taken a current First

Aid Class (5 points I’ve been to enough doctors this last year that I’m bound to have picked up a few tricks.
________ 10.Do you have an emergency kit of food, water and other

essentials in your automobile?(5 points)I might…I just haven’t quite got that trunk cleaned out.  Who knows what’s in there.

How to Score:
50 points or more = Your family has prepared well.
40 points or more = Pretty good but some issues need to be addressed.
30 points or less = Your family could suffer in significant ways when

the inevitable strikes. Suffering succotash!  I better get cracking.  The way the financial crisis is shaping up, “inevitable” doesn’t quite convey the coming doom.

NOTE: This test is taken from with some editing.





  • I live in an apartment. I have nothing to do with the gas. I have the emergency kit, the water, lots of canned food, a propane BBQ to cook on. And my glasses, (only own one pair) are on my face. I’m good to go.

  • You should still make a point to know where the gas main is Silver. If the gas starts leaking and the whole building blows, your apartment will blow with it and in a big emergency, emergency services are overwhelmed and a nice man from the gas company probably is going to be way delayed.

  • Kym, of course I’m prepared. After all, I’m a first responder Fire/Medical. I… Can I get back to you???

    Hey, you finally fixed you comment box!!!! Thanks!!!

  • I can get myself wound up with this stuff pretty easily. I keep water, canned nuts and dried fruit in the truck, along with a spare parka. And some toilet paper. And plastic bags. And changes of clothes. Okay, I have this superstition that someday I’m going to have to live in my truck. At least for a while.

    I used to watch Survivorman: on the Discovery Channel. I buy a fresh batch of canned goods each January at Costco. I have a wrench strung up next to the gas valve. I know where the water valve is. After going to the recent Harvest Festival down here, I suspect I’ll be getting a simple solar oven soon.

    I can just see you doing the Tina Turner thing. 6^)

  • oh dear .. I’m not prepared. And I am pretty sure the pup is relying on me to have a plan for both of us, regardless of whether I am at home or not, so I’d better think ..

  • Too funny. You know though, if the shit really ever does hit the fan, none of us are really prepared. It is what you are made of that will really count then.

  • If havoc actually does hit, I am heading to Kym’s. She is right. Kevin is a super hero one extra blonde in the corner will not slow him down.

    I used to be really good about emergency back up supplies when I had animals. I do not have animals any more and with no one else depending on me for care I tend to be pretty fast and loose with this stuff. Probably I will be gnawing on an old leather jacket on the way to Kym’s. But hey, I will get there.

  • Kym, it’s commendable that you’re inspiring us to be prepared, but be careful, you might cause a run on the chocolate chips at Costco!

  • I’ve got five cans of Spaghetti O’s, one gun with maybe 60-rounds, and 4-cases of Coke (the daughter’s,mind you)……could I be any more prepared or what?

  • Four cases of Cokes?

    Change of plans. I am going to Fork Boy’s.

  • Elaine, I’m physically disabled. If the building blows, I couldn’t get down the 10 flights of stairs to get to the gas main. My survival plan involves sheltering in place. The nearest fire station is two blocks away. I live in a building designated for elderly and disabled. We either get service first, if it’s just our building, or last, if there is an earthquake that puts the whole city down. The gas main, if there even is one in this building (everything is all electric, AFAIK) is the least of my worries.

  • Silverstar, from what you said on your first post, I think you’re good to go too!

  • Former Fire Fighter here.
    I have those basics covered and then some.
    I also have a hand crank generator, small stockpile of gas (only 10 gal.s) tents, sleeping bags (-25 value), egress plans, and then maps, candles, flares, tire patch proper assortment of tools (metric and standard with proper sized sockets for that car) and other saftey items in both cars, spare jackets and cloths for each member of the family in both cars (just in case) spare cell phone batteries (fully charged and swapped out for the one in use every 2 days) packs of “AA” batteries in the kitchen and both cars (replaced every other month with fresh packs) and an energizer “AA” cell phone piggy back charger (again just in case)
    over kill perhaps – but you never know – and Max – if they don’t let you in we might be able to fit you in the car – you will just have to jump in as we drive by! We don’t stop on road trips!

  • LOL — thanks Principle. I will practice my jumps.

    [Say, I live five blocks from a fire house that might be a real good plan. Plus those fire guys are cute as hell. Eye candy AND rescue. Yay!]

  • Sheesh, most of you are so prepared I think I can ease off a little;> Seriously, I’m impressed.

    And, Max, anytime, even if there isn’t an emergency. But if there is, you and Principal better swing by Forkboy’s and grab him and the Coke. We don’t do soda.

  • Wow I hope Fork is doing his lunges it is hard to hop carrying four cases of soda.

  • Let’s see here…

    1) No problem. I can always find Mike in front of the tv.
    2) Mike will stay in front of the tv. I will stay in front of the computer.
    3) Yes, I do have an out-of-state contact…this plan was put in force when my kids still lived at home. We were to all call Aunt Margie. Unfortunately, she passed away nearly two years ago. I guess that makes her an out-of-this-world contact.
    4) Yes, we have quite a bit of food in the pantry. But only 1/2 bag of Costco chocolate chips. EMERGENCY!!!
    5) Water: a couple of gallons in the pantry, and 25 gallons in the attic.
    6) Oops
    7) Mike knows how to shut those things off, but he’ll be in front of the tv.
    8) I don’t even recognize some of my neighbors.
    9) I was forced to take a First Aid Class about 20 years ago in order to graduate from CR. Does that count?
    10) I have an emergency kit with some very old MREs in it in the car. There used to be water in it, but it has probably evaporated by now.

    How’d I do?

  • Aunt Jackie, you cracked me up. Tomorrow, you had better run to Costco–only 1/2 a bag is a disaster already.

  • You can put me on your emergency destination list. If things get bad enough, you may want to get out of the country. In Mexico, we all have water tanks (because you never know when the city is going to shut you off), bottled water (because you can’t drink the city water) and plenty of flashlights and candles (because you never know when the power is going to go out).

    Oh, and bring your supply of chocolate chips. (They cost $10 USD for a small bag here.)

  • Hmm, I’ve seen that guest house….Is my kids are driving me crazy a disaster? I’ll bring my chocolate chips and bake cookies for you.

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