Diesel Spill at Fields Landing


According to Highboldtage, a boat has sunk at Fields Landing leaking diesel fuel into the canal and Humboldt Bay.

An anonymous poster adds “The vessel Allen Cody sank Saturday September 13th at approximatly 1800 hrs. Currently the US Coast Guard, Dept of Fish and Game and an enviromental cleanup company are on site. The vessel had been emptied of fuel and oils prior to sinking, however, enough diesel remained on board to create a sheen. A diver sealed remaining fuel leaks from the vessel by 1000 hrs on Sunday morning. Furthur cleanup of the surrounding area is on going. The vessel is expected to be raised on Tuesday.”

Although diesel spills associated with indoor marijuana spills garner the most attention here in Humboldt, nevertheless, a good many reported spills come from marine vessels.



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