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Most days I manage to fool myself that I’m mature.  Horses, though, turn me into a besotted mess. I love horses in a teenage girlish, romantic, unrealistic way. I had a horse when I was growing up and I know they are a tremendous amount of work but when I see one, I start thinking I need one.

Isn’t this one handsome?

  • Laytonville Rock


  • That is a darn fine horse. But, what is up with that eye? It almost looks human, which is kind of creepy.

  • That is what I love about this photo. Horses have the most human looking eyes and this picture really captures that for me. Mostly, you can’t see the whites of their eyes but for some reason on this one you can.

  • The background looks really cool, almost like a water color/ painting.

  • It was a smoky day. This was taken back in June when the California wildfires were burning so badly.

  • Wow. Makes me want one too.

  • I’ve never seen the whites of a horse’s eye…and I think that’s what gives this picture such an otherworldly feel.

  • Soul sister! I want one, too. Been too long. Ny kids now want one, so…. we’ll see.

  • My 2 youngest both have mentioned that they would like one. I keep telling myself that horses are a lot of work and money but….

  • There is something special about horse women. I grew up in rural Nebraska and even at a young age I noticed that the women who owned, rode and loved their horses were healthy, earthy and in good shape. They weren’t the types to plaster on make up and wear the fancy beauty shop processed hair. They were natural and they were beautiful.

    I’m not straight, but if I were, I’d definitely go for a horse woman.

  • This is an absolute beauty. You know what’s just as wonderful as a horse, but produces half the crap, and needs half the space and feed? Miniature horses. ;^) They say they’re as personable as dogs. You can’t ride ’em, but they can pull you in a gig. There’s a bunch for sale down here in Willits.

  • If any of you need a horse fix, we have more than our fair share and I always love to take people riding. I am definately a horse lover. I see a horse that looks like it needs some TLC, or perhaps it is really some Tj, and somehow it ends up on our place.

  • Joe, I agree. Some of the strongest, most interesting women I know are horse lovers.

    Elaine, Those aren’t just cute little things. That one stallion is stunning!

    Tj, I may have to take you up on that someday.

  • Yes, a beautiful horse!

  • That horse is beautiful. I wonder why no one kisses horses to see if they would turn into princes? That horse looks like one smooch would turn him into a prince in a second.

  • If princes were as noble looking and as wise as that horse looks we would still all be in monarchies.

  • … and they’re so small, any child can groom them …

    Say, if I show up at Benbow on the 21st, will anybody else be there?

  • I can’t come Elaine. I’ll be at a family wedding. I would love to meet you and the other bloggers though. I’m pretty sad I’m missing out on the blogging events.

  • he, or she, is gorgeous!

  • Oh man. Well, it wouldn’t be the same without you, so I think I’ll beg off then. That voting blog sort of went all silent. Spooky.


  • Kym,

    We have two horses. They are not that much extra work or money unless you are competing. If you just want them for pleasure and to trail ride its not too much of an expense. We live in the desert and there isn’t much grazing. Up there you would be able to graze them which is better for them than straight hay and oats. It is good for them emotionally. We enjoy just hanging out with them and letting them graze in the evenings, although riding is a bonus! I say get a couple. Right now there are many horses being turned loose in the wild and just dumped because of the cost of trying to keep them in town. If you are in a rural area and have space (which you don’t need that much) 1/2 acre can hold 2 or 3 easily, then you might just be doing a horse a favor. They are giving them away at auctions. Both of our horses were pretty much rescues and they love us for it. Besides, they are a great way to keep kids out of trouble.

  • Oh and if that horse in the pic was a stallion I would be begging to breed my paint to it.

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