Fires in the Hills Behind Miranda

Alert for Danger: Deer against Smoky Skies

There are at least two fires in the Miranda area.  One was caused by a downed power line.

The fires which are on Eel Rock and Fruitland Ridge Roads are recreating the smoky skies of June and July here in Salmon Creek.

There is also word of a Fire out Hwy 36 which I haven’t been able to confirm.

Thanks to Wayne and Cathy Stark in Salmon Creek for the Miranda Information and to Brandi for the Hwy 36 information.

Does anyone else have any tidbits on these to share?



  • Kym, you got that close to a deer? Damn!

  • We live in the boonies, Kitty, and no one (but us) hunts around here. The deer are relatively easy to get 100 feet from in a car or they’ll graze around a building if you don’t have a dog. And I do have a bit of a telephoto lens–nothing extraordinary though.

  • And if you let your kid throw apple cores to hungry fawns, you’ll be bumping into them right outside your door…. thanks for the fire news, Kym. I couldn’t find anything on CalFire’s site and never heard a page for SCVFD today.

  • Yes, thanks Kym. It was really smoky in Bear River this morning, but I couldn’t find any fire news.

  • Sorry. I have no tidbits to add regarding the fire, but nice deer shot.

    You know……I always feel strange saying something about “shoot” or “shot” and “deer” in the same sentence.

  • The Hwy 36 fire is out near Harrison Gulch. Hwy 36 is closed from the west near Platina, I’m not sure where it’s closed from the east.

  • There has been a lot of hazy smoke on the coast, too. It has been eerily hot during the day.

    My neighbor told me that there is a doe with a broken leg hanging around our properties. Does anyone have an idea of who we could call to help her? Her fawn has been hanging around our back yards.

  • Carol, here are the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center’s numbers.
    707-768-3092 or
    Good Luck with the poor dear.

    Steve, Thank you so much for the link. It is nice to see where this smoke is coming from.

    Forkboy, I salivate when I say shoot and deer in the same sentence. I am torn between my love of venison and my joy in the living deer’s beauty.

  • Thank you, Kym!

    Called the 442 number and left a message. I called the 768 number and talked with Kathy, although she is no longer running the Wildlife Center.

    Since teh fawn appears old enough, she will probably be ok with the rest of the herd to look after her. The mom is hobbling but is still foraging, and Cathy told me as long as bone isn’t sticking-out, that she will be fine on 3 legs.

    Thank you so much for helping!


  • I’m glad the best thing is to leave them alone. I know the Wildlife care Centers do the best they can but it must be traumatizing for the poor animals to get transported and handled by humans.

  • She told me that the adults just self-distruct when captive. But the fawns are different and can be cared-for.

    Funny, the gal that runs Shotz in Fortuna told me that she lives up Salmon Creek. I mentioned you and your blog and our blog. She didn’t know about the local blogs.

  • Who is that heathen who knows not of our world?

    Seriously, what is her name? I’m afraid I can’t figure out who works there.

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