Salmon Creek

Creek–Early Evening

Daily Photo

Something cool for a hot day.



  • Nice picture! It brings me back about 10 or 20 years, but I think I know exactly where that is…a little ways down stream from Three Falls?

  • Cool. Love how the grass is growing out of the rocks. Gives you a picture of our impermanence.

  • Close, it comes from a little ways up the stream from Three Falls.

    SilverStar, I’m glad you noticed the rocks and grass. I find that particularly beautiful.

  • Kym, I not only like the rocks and the grass, but I like the creek and the water, and in my mind I can smell the water and the odor of the bugs and mosses that live there. Your photographs speak to me in a language that only people like you and I, that have been there, understand.

    I get so lost in some of your photography that I forget that I’m looking at a photo. I feel like I’m there, because I relate to your love of nature and the critters. To some, your photos are only beautiful and creative, to me some of your photos are a touch of what I am.

  • Ernie, that’s beautiful of you to express. People try to recreate such looks in their gardens, but it can never be the real thing.

  • Gorgeous, Kym. Now I’m jonesing for the hills. *sigh* I don’t think we’ll make it up there this summer.
    But I’ll have your pictures. That helps.

  • Come in the spring, then everything is heartbreakingly beautiful.

  • Ernie, Someday I would like to recreate this beautiful place with photos and writing. Your comment made me feel like I move towards where I want to be. Thank you.

    Elaine, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have that serenity in our gardens? I wish I could capture that look in my own.

  • This is one of those types of pictures where you feel like you’re actually there. And I wish I were…

  • Very nice. I think the flat rock in the foreground looks like an alligator.

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