Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do Demonstrates Family Love

Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do Instructor Becky Rupp

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Families aren’t always blood related. It is people who care enough about each other to do more than nod sympathetically when listening to another person’s troubles. Our martial art school is serious about training (several of our students have gone on to win regional and world cups in our discipline and our instructor, Becky Rupp was 2007 Teacher of the year for the entire Tang Soo Do Organization spanning six continents) but, thanks to our teacher, we are a very close and caring group concerned more with honor, self improvement (and having fun) than with just winning.

This weekend, Salmon Creek Community had a fundraising event for one of its families. Two of the children are members of the Tang Soo Do Little Dragons (the youngest martial artists) so members of the Tang Soo Do Demo team came up to perform to help raise money for the family.

My littlest is still trying to imitate their intricate moves. He can’t wait to use nunchucks now!

Call 923-2886 for more information about classes, etc.

Photos of the event below the fold.

Eli Whipkey

Becky Rupp with nunchucks

Gypsy Miller

Jorin Eddy (He and his parents are all on the Demo team

Tang Soo Do is often practiced by a whole family. My youngest son and I practice together and my two older are both black belts though not practicing right now.)

Joseph Eddy (father of Jorin)

Kisa Rupp (daughter of Becky Rupp and Demo team captain)

Tyler Hensley

(both of his cousins are black belts and his Grandmother does costuming for the Demo team)

Maria Gale (mother of Jorin Eddy )



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