Memorial for Josh Sinoway


A memorial will be held this Saturday for Josh Sinoway (30)  son of a noted local attorney, Ron Sinoway, and former South Fork High School counselor and Feet First Member, Molly Hickey-Sinoway and brother of Hannah Sinoway, student.

The gathering will be an open house from 2-5 at the Sinoway home in Salmon Creek. Finger foods but no alcohol will be served.



  • im not sure where the responses went that were on earlier, but I would just like to thank everyone who came to show their love for josh and his family he was a wonderful person, complex and extremely inteligent. Also his sense of humor was beyond most peoples ability to keep up with and his genorousity shined through always. A truly tortured genius he was also a wonderful friend and he will be missed. We love you Josh

  • Reuben, the responses are on the earlier post titled Found Art, Lost Son. I copied those comments and passed them on to the Sinoways but they are still there on that post.

    I didn’t know Josh well but testimonies like yours have shown me his beauty and why so many people are grieving.

  • The 2 photos you used to illustrate the memorial threads are really sensitive and creative. Good work, Kym.

  • Kim, Thank you. Josh meant so much to so many people, I wanted to capture a little of that.

  • oh, no….

    My condolences for his family and community. I remember him, although I didn’t know him well.

  • Josh, was a bright and shining star, love to his family – he was compassionate as we all should be and left a mark, I thought of home this morning, remembering a funny story, It goes so fast enjoy everyday!
    Peace, Tobi

  • I knew Josh a little bit, while I went to Humboldt State in 2001, then several years later, I met re-him while working in Eureka, in 2005-6….

    I guess, I just wanted to recognize him for his talents that I often overlooked.. In the past year, I was confronted by him on the streets on two occasions.They were ones of intimidation and terror. Coming from somebody as articulate as Josh made them all the more so, and I was as equally as impressed as I was frightened.

    For those incidences, I hated him…now though, I want to say that in remembering those events, I find myself infected with a deep appreciation and sense of compassion for Josh…I took me a while to remember what he was like on a good day. Very savvy and eloquent..when people met him, I think they knew they met a star, a figure in history, or intellectual superman. Hopefully, I’ll write a piece on guitar that captures his influence and brilliance.

    Rest In Peace Josh!!!

    Todd Krider

  • Todd,
    Thank you, it’s easy to speak only perfection of the dead but that makes them shadows. Remembering them in their fullness with compassion and understanding brings them to life again like a ember brought to flame by a breath.

  • When I turned 27, he not only made me a card but made one for my cat Allen, as well.

  • Kimberly, Thanking you for passing on your memory of Josh. When others come here, you will help them remember him.

  • i was looking at apartments in eureka today and went by the hillsdale…. and i thought of josh… he sure made me laugh and smile…. i remember when he left all his belongings in my yard in a big plastic bag… he also always left little hidden gifts; my whole family admired his creativity and his ability to never be boring….

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