Shooting Stars Tonight

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One hot silken Summer night many years ago, a local park ranger and his wife created a group of passionate star gazers.  They simply had a party for grownups and set up several cots for kids to sleep on out in the yard not far from Benbow Lake.  We laid staring wide eyed into the darkness as silvery dust glittered and metalic fire arced across the black creating rainbows of white light. We whispered and gasped and pointed as meteor after meteor slid silently by.

The night must have been August 11th because every year on that date one of the most spectacular sky extravaganzas blaze across the darkness. Tonight (or to be more precise, early tomorrow morning) is one of the best nights of the year to watch for shooting stars. Unfortunately, there is soon to be a full moon and this will make meteors pallid and difficult to observe.  Still, if you are only going to sleep out with your kids one night this year make it tonight.  I am.



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