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The stretch of Coastline and Redwoods between Blue Lake and Crescent City is some of the most beautiful in the world. And Larrupin’s Cafe in Trinidad is one of the best fine restaurants on the North Coast. All our sons loved the stop at the ocean and the delicious dinner.



  • That son of yours is looking hot. I find this disturbing. My friend’s children should not look hot.

  • My dad once told me that he gave up whistling at young women when one time the girls he was whistling at waved back enthusiastically and he realized they were two of my best friends.

  • Hi Kym,
    I happened on your blog during all the excitement with the G-men and Elliot Ness. I bookmarked it and have returned from time to time. I’m enjoying your photo’s and your blogs which don’t seem to have that thunderous emotional charge that I’ve found in so many others.
    thanks for taking the time. Keep it clean and clear every little bit of sanity helps.
    cheers, T

  • Thank you. If you haven’t yet gone to Ernie’s blog, it is very similar–less on the pictures (though some very good ones) more on the local history–just neighbors sharing the news and telling stories. Feel free to tell a tale of your own.

  • Kym, My photos are only good enough to tell a story, I am NOT a photographer, so you don’t have to be kind.

    I ran into Ren today at Reggae, and I chatted awhile. He is looking good!

  • Ernie, I have a few of your photos stuck in my mind including that one of the tree with a face! I’m not being kind!

    I knew he was going to be home for Reggae but I haven’t yet seen him. His stories of Japan have been wonderful though on his blog.

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