Lightning Fires-Mendocino/Humboldt Update June 30, 2008

Smoke and Grass–Humboldt is famous for the two

The Lightning Fires currently raging throughout Mendocino are now getting better coverage. There are several good maps and CalFire is providing frequent and informative updates. However, in spite of the weather cooperating, the remaining 54 active fires are increasing in size. At this time though, there are no mandatory evacuations just precautionary ones. (Click here for a pdf fact sheet and here is another with specific details.)

Here is the excellent overview map from Calfire.

Here is an excellent blog that has maps of many of the fires west of Ukiah such as Orr Series, Low Gap, Greenfield, Montgomery Woods and Jack Smith. As well as photos.

Cristina’s blog on the Northern Mendocino area is too little but really good.

The Paradise Fire in So. Humboldt by Shelter Cove is still 40% contained and about 925 acres. If any one knows a good map, let me know.



  • Fabulous picture. Thank you so much for the photos and the updates.


  • Kym, thank you so much for the link to the detail map of the fires – I had given up trying to find anything at the state level, and had been looking only at the usgs-MODIS thing.

    You have been tremendous support at a very stressful time for all of us. Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put in, and your amazing ability to find resources to share.

  • Thanks you all.

    Elaine, I hope all is continuing well there. Your blog is one of the ones I continue to recommend to people.

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