More on the Lightning Fires in Mendocino and Humboldt

Mendocino Lightning Complex map

Excellent update on Mendocino blazes from CalFire here at download.

The Paradise fire in Humboldt CalFire fact sheet can be found here.

UPDATE: I was so tired when I wrote this last night I forgot to point people to Cristina’s blog–especially this post for info about the Red Mountain fire.



  • I don’t smell the smoke this morning like I did yesterday.

  • I agree–the smoke is lifting.

  • The map is great, tho really scary. My friends out at Hull’s creek, north of Covelo, have been out at their place dealing with a fire that I have never seen reported until this map. We worry about the Paradise fire but we have been so lucky here in Humboldt.

  • Ben
    It was more than luck. The Humbloldt unit was the first to call for help, and tied up a lot of fire equipment. Our good planing and good fortune was others peoples loss. It’s a mixed blessing.

  • Ernie,
    Thanks for explaining. I’ve been wondering why Shelter Cove has engines sitting and Leggett only had volunteers the first couple days.

    Ben, I think that is a great map. Mendocino Calfire has really started doing a good job getting out information after those first frustrating days.

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