Helicopter Lands in Salmon Creek

This is just a stock photo–not a photo of the helicopter seen in Salmon Creek this week.

A helicopter has landed twice in Salmon Creek this last week. Is this a continuation of the FBI investigations into illegal marijuana money laundering? On Tuesday, when federal officers were all over Humboldt County, a helicopter landed on a piece of property approximately a half mile southeast of the home that the FBI raided. Yesterday, the same wooded piece of property was visited by a non CDF silver and blue helicopter. A local resident says that the same helicopter also circled over the school and 2 other pieces of land.



  • If the I.D. numbers ended in “Hotel Lima” it was a cdf helicopter.

    Otherwise, I don’t know.

  • It was almost assuredly not a CDF helicopter–at least according to scuttlebutt.

  • All I get is red xs.

  • In town, I’m hearing that a contingent of Feds are staying here to follow up on new information gleaned from the first raids. There was a raid in Shelter Cove on Friday. I saw the helicopter as it was flying north over Miranda late yesterday. It was high and probably headed home. The big raid had a helicopter at the airport. Black and my friends say it looked military. The story is that it was used to fly stuff out of Buddaville. I hope, with the shift in winds that the fire helicopters are flying again. Isn’t it odd that the Paradise Fire is not on the Chronicle map?

  • Any way to find out if that property owner had shares in Buddhaville’s Lost Paradise? That’s been a very common denominator up to now.

  • The funny thing about us here in the hills is that we believe everything that we are told. We shouldn’t be so gullible when it comes to the feds; they are trained in psychological diversions and disinformation. If they say “Hey, look over there”, it might be wise to look around you to see if there is something that they don’t want you to see.

    When they say “Hey, We’re outa here”, don’t believe it.

  • yes Ernie you are right, because they are never truly “outa here”

  • Has it occurred to anyone yet that 450 Federal troops stomping around Humboldt and Mendocino counties after two years of “investigating” is an indictment against the LOCAL law abiding people and their law enforcement, in particular the Sheriff’s departments?

  • The Feds will do everything they can to avoid giving a cost accounting of this event. I hope the media takes every possible opportunity to ask about the cost. It’s our tax money they are lavishing on this.

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