Another Smoky Sunrise

Silhouette at Sunrise

Daily Photo



  • Beautiful. My eyes have been bugging me from the smoke but I know it’s worse for people closer to the fires.
    I’m going to be driving through Willits and Ukiah today on the way to my mom’s and our trip to Montana. I hope it’s not too bad today.

  • love your pics and your reporting of the happenings around so hum, kinda glad we moved to crescent city after all that is going on down your way.

  • Jen, Mendocino is terrible right now. Be careful. It is literally a disaster area and Leggett supposedly has the worst smoke.

    Rory, Hey I just got a call from Wayne and he got hold of Tom Ross. We’re going at the Reunion Friday the 11th to have more time with everyone.

  • not sure if we can make the reunion now the wife can’t get the day off and i might have to work as well. we are trying to make it….hope to be able to stop by for a minute or two, but with all the fires and all, people need the water so thats what I’ll be doing hauling water…hope to see you all there…

  • Great picture, Kym. You’re full of surprises.

  • At first I thought this was a palm tree and just knew you didn’t have a palm tree at your place! LOL Bad as it is, the smoke and haze does make for some beautiful photos.

  • Simply fantastic Kym. Just fantastic.

  • Rory, I know what you do is important but please try and make time to be there. You are a big part of our class!

    Thanks you all.

  • Kym are you making fun of my weight ! just kidding…we are trying to make it…

  • I wouldn’t dare do that ’cause then I’m a “big” part of the class too.

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