Humboldt and Mendocino Fires June 28

Swallowing the Smoke: Birds swoop through a smoky sunrise

The normal fires expected this time of year keep coming on top of the massive numbers of blazes caused by last weekend’s lightning.

MENDOCINO: Evacuation has been ordered (this is not precautionary) for the Greenfield subdivision, west of Ukiah by the Orr Springs road (click here for a map).

There are other areas with precautionary evacuations.

  • Community of Rockport
  • Montgomery Woods/ Orr Springs Road to Running Springs Road
  • Mountain View / Mile Post 9 Area
  • Red Mountain/ Bell Springs Road (From Hwy 101 to the intersection of Red Mountain and Bell Springs Road)
  • The Community of Cummings
  • Town of Leggett
  • De Haven Creek and Howard Creek drainage, North of Westport

Evacuations Lifted:

  • Chicken Ridge Webber Subdivison
  • Navarro/ Flynn Creek
  • Cherry Creek/ Intersection of Hwy 101 and Hwy 162

See Calfire for more information or call 707-467-6426

HUMBOLDT: All fires have been contained except one. The Paradise Fire north of Shelter Cove is nearly 900 acres and 40% contained.  The steep land and dry conditions have made the fire difficult to fight and there have been two injuries.  Currently Calfire has 4 helicopters (though smoke conditions have made flight difficult) and 20 engines fighting the fire.  Call (707) 726-1225 for more information on Humboldt fires.



  • What a beautiful shot. It’s just a shame that such a tragedy can cause beautiful and interesting sunsets.

  • Gorgeous! Though I wish it was just an out-of-the-ordinary sunset, not caused by all the fires.

  • That’s a great photo. Did you take it?

  • I hate the smoke and love the sunsets/rises. Yes, I took this one.

  • Kym, A really wonderful picture. I hope you will do a calendar. It could be a fund raiser. I think it would sell really well. I would certainly buy one and a few others for gifts.

  • You nailed it grrl – Inspiring pic.

  • You take good pictures.

  • Another fantasticly gorgeous shot (is there a K in fantasticly?)!

  • Alaska Steve and I have promised each other to do calendars and pawn them off on our relatives and friends as Christmas presents and use the money we save to buy more camera equipment for ourselves 8)

    Thanks you all for the Fantastically (no k but you are missing Al) kind words.

  • Does anyone know if the volunteers in legget are being fed? Do they have enough food and water supplies? Is anyone coordinating this? From what I understand these volunteers are pretty much on their own, but certainly deserve the same support that every other firefighter gets.

  • That’s stunning!!!

  • Thanks, Jen.

    Cinnamon, I’m trying to find out for you. It might be tomorrow or so but I should have some info by then.

  • We live in San Rafael and Sonoma and the air has been punishing. I keep hearing everyone whining about it, but no one seems to realize that we have it so much better than everyone that is right in the thick of it.

    I like the calendar/fundraiser idea. You wouldn’t need to “pawn” anything off on anyone. I think people would be happy to help and support. What could you get going right away other than a calendar? Maybe just sell your beautiful photos to raise funds, and awareness.

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