Fire Update

Firefighting Equipment Photo by Kim Sallaway

There is no fire in Myers Flat. KMUD reported a possible fire in the area but a quick call to the Myers Flat store provided information that while Weott’s Volunteer Fire Crew had responded there was no fire. (Thanks you all) {EDIT: Ernie tells me that there was a motorhome fire on the freeway that completely destroyed the vehicle but didn’t spread.}

Paradise Ridge fire, according to an interview currently airing on KMUD seems to be coming more under control. Thanks to KMUD for keeping us up to date.

The Navarro fire has moved away from some structures see Willits Daily Photo Blog for a written essay and Willits Photo Overflow for a wonderful series of images that bring you up close and personal.

The CDF station in Leggett says that no homes are closely threatened at this time. The reason that there is so much smoke is that there is “no wind to take the smoke away.” All in all the staff there feels “pretty positive.”

See also my post on fire information for links, photos, maps, etc.

Thanks to Kim Sallaway for the picture. He is creating a photo essay of the Lightning Fires that should be breathtaking! Here is his gallery of other images. He is very talented and has some funny, revealing captures of our area as well as events in other places. Last year he had a show at Piante Gallery in Old Town. The North Coast Journal wrote a nice piece about him. He also has sold photos to Ripley’s Believe it or Not and been the Official Staff Photographer for Reggae on the River..



  • Actually there was a motor home fire on the freeway in Myers Flat. It was completely destroyed, but didn’t extend to wildland.

  • Aha! Thank you. Once again you clear up the smoke! I’ll edit that info in.

  • Kym, I replied to your comment but the good ol Mailer Deamon stepped in to shut me down…
    Alice remembers you of course! I will say hi for you. I think you would enjoy her company… she is going to be a sophomore, and is passionate about writing, theater, and science! Anyway, nice to see you in the blogosphere!

  • At least the fires have done some good.

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