Confusion Hill Foreman Expected to Fully Recover

Photo of Pier 2 –the red line shows roughly how far construction had progressed on Pier 3 when the accident occurred. The green circle shows the upper form which is similar to the structure on Pier 3 which collapsed onto its lower deck form yesterday.

Yesterday, a foreman for MCM Construction had to be air lifted to Ukiah Valley Hospital for medical treatment. A form (erroneously reported earlier here as a falsework) on Pier 3 collapsed. The man fell 30 feet to a lower deck. He was severely injured.

Today, doctors believe he will recover. Please take a moment to send good thoughts to him and his family.

Work on the North part of Pier 3 at Confusion Hill has been shut down pending inspection by Cal Osha (California Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Ed Puchi, general counsel and treasurer for MCM, when contacted for comment asked for the correction listed above and asserted that, in the death of the worker on the Noyo Bridge project, Pacific Coast Steel (MCM’s subcontractor on that job), as part of the settlement with the family of the victim and the other worker injured, “indemnified their emloyees.” He further stated that no Osha citations were issued against MCM for that accident.

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  • Is that a double decker bridge? Traffic going north on one deck, south on the other? Like, um, the bridge that collapsed in San Francisco and the bridge that is going to collapse in Seattle?

    [Why do they keep building these things along the Pacific Rim?]

    Or am I just confused? [Which happens regularly.]

  • Max, this is a box girder bridge. Which means the interior is hollow to minimize the amount of materials used and for other engineering reasons. So upper deck is what is driven on and lower deck is just the bottom of the bridge.

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