Supervisor Rodoni Attends Shelter Cove Update

Shelter Cove Fire Department 9 duty officers

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Tim Olsen – Command/EMT-1, Will Salter – Captain/EMT-1, Jess Gurreri – Captain/EMT-1, Alison Jones – FF/EMT-1, Cheryl Anthony – FF/EMT, Summer Olsen – FF/EMT-1, Shaun Stell – FF/FR, Frank Wilson – FF/FR

Over 60 people attended today’s fire meeting in Shelter Cove. The fire raging just north and east of the area as a result of last weekend’s lightning storms has brought talk of evacuation to this beautiful coastal community. A phone tree notified inhabitants of the importance of the gathering. Not only residents but Firefighting officials, a representative of the Highway Patrol, and Supervisor Johanna Rodoni attended. There officials went over evacuation plans with the locals.

According to Diane Harper who lives there, the group was told that officials would be

notifying us 24 hrs and then 12 hrs and then 6 hrs in front of the fire if it ever heads our way…We were told NOT to wait for the 12 hr. or even worse the 6 hr. notice. We were advised to take all valuable possessions with us due to the fact we would not be allowed back into our homes once the evacuation started.

They also said that when we received the green light to come back to our homes we would need proper identification to be let back in. The identification would need to show our street address and not just a

The fire engines will remain on standby. Harper explains, “we were told because if they let it go we will never get it back due to all the other fires in California.


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  • My years living in a wild area were some of the best, but a monster wildfire did come one day, as we all knew it could. It missed my little neck of the woods, but not by much. Keeping fingers and toes crossed that the evacuation order will never come for your area.

  • Kym, when I came over the top of benbow hill this morning I couldn’t see your moutain. It looks like you have choking grade smoke blowing past you.

  • Our area in Salmon Creek isn’t in immediate danger but today we are covered in smoke for the first time. The wind is blowing from the East and carrying the smoke across the country and out to the ocean.

  • Makes you think twice about evacuating. Sounds like you lose possession of home and property. When did we give up the right to defend our own home?

  • Kim, your blog has been and continues to be a great source of information — and I’m crediting you when I’m sharing it over the air.

    The change in the air is dramatic from here. When I left Manila, the mountains were obscured by haze/smoke in contrast to the startlingly clear morning over the coast.

  • Joe, I imagine it is to prevent looting but, I know when we faced a similar situation in 2003 (the Canoe Fire), we chose not to evacuate. We bought a pump and hose and planned to stay in our home to fight the fire. Of course, we are in a meadow with a non wood home. Not everyone is in a good situation to stay and fight.

    Jen, thank you. I got a few nods from friends who said they had heard my blog referenced by a dj. It must have been you!

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