Mendocino Fires–106 Still Burning

Where’s my backup?

Updated info HERE.

Although most Humboldt fires have been completely contained, the exception being Paradise Ridge, Mendocino fires are another matter altogether. There are at least 131still burning. AND, according to the CalFire Fact sheet (pdf warning–it is a slow load), there are only

  • 68 engines
  • 17 crews
  • 6 helicopters

I called several Calfire numbers to determine whether those 68 engines included the Office of Emergency Service engines and those of the volunteer fire departments. Although, no one could give me a definitive answer, everyone believed that all engines were included. That averages out at about one engine every two fires and some of those fires are massive–over 13,000 acres in Mendocino are burning. In other words, there is about one engine for just under 200 acres of burn. As one staffer told me anonymously, “It is terrifying…definitely a crisis.” Five homes have already been burned and evacuation warnings (not yet mandatory) are in effect for

  • The town of Leggett (See photo of area here)
  • Chicken Ridge subdivision of Covelo
  • The community of Cummings
  • Montgomery Woods, Orr Springs Road to Running Springs Road
  • Mountain View and Mile Post 9 area.
  • Red Mountain, Bell Springs from Highway 101 to 13600 Bell Springs Road
  • Navarro and Flynn Creek
  • Cherry Creek, intersection of Highway 101 and 162

According to the Press Democrat as well as the fact sheet

Evacuation centers have been established at Willits High School and Point Arena High. Both are being staffed by volunteers from the American Red Cross.

In addition, two animal evacuation centers have been set up. The Mendocino County Fairgrounds in Ukiah is taking large animals (707-462-3884)and the Mendocino County Animal Care and Control Shelter in Ukiah is taking small animals (707-272-4337).

For more information about Mendocino fires call 707-467-6426.



  • Sweet picture, Kym. Is that your son? He is a real fireman!

  • The Redneck and I were swimming in the Noyo River along Highway 128 on Sunday and the smoke was really awful!
    I can’t believe how extensive the fires are. We saw the culprits. The lightning show Saturday night was incredible. And dangerous.
    I hope everyone is okay.

  • It could scare a person just a little bit, couldn’t it.

  • Ernie, that is a fabulous link! Thank you!!!!

  • Jen, No one I know personally has suffered yet but, with 5 houses burned and so many more threatened, I know people are hurting.

    Yes, the little fireman is mine. He is a sweetie.

  • A new fire was just reported as being on the west side of the freeway between Philipsville and Miranda. And a reflare veg fire on the mendo line at bell springs.

  • The Miranda exit ir seems completely oiut now. CDF used a helicopter and made quick work of it.

  • That’s fire not “ir”.

  • I just came by there and I never saw anything.

  • how strange. I sat down and googled “mendocino fires” and found your blog. You probably remember me, or at least my kids, Alice and Opal…

    Sounds like things are pretty zany down there.

  • love this shot!

  • Hi, I too was looking for info on the fires- we live in Sea Ranch and work in Gualala, and the smoke has been really of unnerving. I lived on the edge of the Oakland Hills fire, and the smell of smoke still makes my heart race. I’m amazed at how little information is available, and horrified at how few resources we have to deal with something like this. I also heard that this is sort of the end of the “fire season”, that we’ll be faced with a year-long fire season, as a result of climate change.

  • kym…i ‘m not sure what cal-osha or cps woild have to say about exploiting child labor…but how about that totally fire safety footwear? there’s way tomuch excitement in your neighborhood now…take care

  • Mark, I’m so happy you found me. Please hug the girls and say Hi to Shannon. I have a pic of Alice somewhere on my blog. I’ll try and find it.

    Elizabeth: thank you.

    Peter: I just put up a bunch of links on the fires (fly over post) I hope you are wrong about the year long fire season.

    Bob–Shhhhh! You are the first to comment. Actually, the fire had been out for hours and we just had gone back to give a final soak before packing up the pump when I took the photo.

  • Hi Kym, thanks for posting the info…. are you in northern Mendo or Humboldt?

    For folks living down in the Ukiah and Redwood Valley areas, I have a few fire pages with fire maps and other info posted on my Mendocino Fire and Smoke blog.


  • Carl,
    Thanks for the link. I’m in So. Hum. I’m going to add your blog to my Fire links post. Good information!

  • kym,

    you can visit Shannon’s blog here, and my blog is here.

    Alice just finished her freshman year of HS, if you can imagine that. They all live across the river in town (to be in better schools) and I am staying on the land in WA. It makes for a lot of driving.

    Hope things calm down in your neighborhood soon. Fire is bad enough without all the other goings-on.


  • Mark,
    I added your blogs to my blogroll. I don’t want to lose track of you all again.

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