Evacuations of homes near Wilder Creek and Link to Blog covering Mendo fires

Fencing with Disaster

Tuesday Photo of Paradise Ridge Fire

I’m hearing reports of evacuations in the Wilder Ridge area to the South of Bear Creek.  I can’t find any confirmation but the source is reliable. This is the Paradise Ridge fire which also has residents of Shelter Cove very worried.

link to good map of area (warning pdf file–slow loading)

Also Ernie (Thank you!!) sent me a link to this blog in Mendocino which has some fairly up to date information.



  • The pic shows me how much the fire has spread. KZYX&Z is a good Mendo site for fire info. They have done a great job. The site takes some time to load. On the other hand, KMUD has nothing fire related on its web page. Nor can you E-mail them. We need to put some pressure on the station.

  • Ben thanks for the reminder about KZYX. I also noticed the lack of info on KMUD and was pretty disappointed.

  • Awesome blog link. Thanks Kym.
    I didn’t realize the fires were so widespread. *head clearly in the sand*
    Thanks for the updates.

  • I don’t want to be the one to tell KMUD what to do. I’m sure they have their own problems, but what I need is constant current information. I need a radio station that has the capability to switch to a call-in / talk-show format with a moderator and people in the field when something significant is happening. There are people out there faced with losing their houses and lives in wildfires. It seems to me that would be a significant event. KMUD reaches deep into The Mendocino fires, and they need information. Also, the feds are running roughshod over us, and we have little information on what is happening. It’s sad when the Times-Standard is our best source of news.

    KMUD used to be right on top of community disasters. Estelle would work night and day when a flood or fire was happening. We became used to tuning in KMUD and hearing the latest to the minute updates. Estelle was also THE source of news for the firefighters. We knew that she was careful and accurate in her assessments. We depended on her to keep us informed of the latest happenings. The fire chiefs depended on her to be there and get current information out to the folks that needed it. Estelle worked long and hard gaining the trust of otherwise standoffish officials. I know that this sounds like campaigning, but if you think long and hard about it, it’s really about what we miss at KMUD. They used to be PROactive, now they are REactive.

    It’s times like this that I miss the old KMUD. Can we bring it back???

  • Ernie,
    This morning KMUD had the talk show format on. So hopefully they’ve got the message and are back on track keeping the community informed.
    Of course, there were the usual odd callers but still, it worked.

  • Great! I was busy trying to find another radio station with NEWS. I used to just leave the dial on 91.1 and know that i would get the latest. PROactive vs. REactive.

    Thanks though, I’ll give it another try!

  • One problem is, which fire(s) do you cover? This is a very different and much more complicated circumstance from the Canoe fire. I just hope that the comparisons to the Katrina disaster prove to be unfounded. Thanks, Kym, Ernie, Ben and all who are working so hard to keep us all informed.

  • Barb, Yikes, instead of the Lightning fires, I hope we don’t end up calling this California’s Katrina!

  • Barb, Yikes, instead of the Lightning fires, I hope we don’t end up calling this California’s Katrina!

  • Barb, I haven’t seen the fire areas yet except from a long distance but fire destroys so totally that it may be that a comparison to Katrina is appropriate but I sure hope to God not.

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