IRS agents in Redway

IRS agent raiding home near Whitmore and Birdie (behind the Church not far from KMUD)

Redway raid.

Can someone tell me what is the CID? Is it IRS Criminal Investigation Dept. ?



  • CID – Criminal Investigation Division, a United States federal law enforcement agency

  • is this a different IRS? I just can’t wrap my mental image of the IRS around this. 🙂

  • Hey, not only does he look hip under that vest but he’s got great shoulders! Doesn’t look like an accountant, does he?

  • CID – Criminal Investigation Division, as in a part of the agency. In this case IRS. The Army has it’s own CID.

  • Great photos! This is certainly fascinating.

  • Kym, I have so enjoyed coming to your site for the past few days, I’m hooked! You are doing a wonderful service for us all. Love You, P

  • He does look like one of the actors on one of those tv programs I’ve seen. Nice broad shoulders! Mmmm!

  • Cute bunz, I think, too.

    You know, if I heard a man talking like this about a woman agent I would be totally offended. Oops!

  • Well, do any of the women agents have broad shoulders?

  • Aren’t these Kimba’s photos? Or does Eric have the info wrong? You are becoming quite the intrepid reporter!

  • These aren’t my photos. The person who gave me permission to use them asked me not to use their name.

  • ruby valley resident

    great blog! FYI I counted about 20 feds tuesday morning roll through Ruby Valley, at first i thought they were fire related until 20 minutes later at about 6:50am when i counted 123 vehicles go by in a convoy. They had everything from cars, suvs, and pickups with quads to portapotties, portable surveilence trucks, and portable kitchens. From what I understand they went to set up command center and went back to town to start their day. Redway was in a tizzy like I had never seen. And this is going on all week? Time for a vacation!!

  • Thank you. I heard there were a bunch today, too.

  • The CID (Criminal Investigation Division) of the IRS combine law enforcement with accounting. You usually see these guys when the IRS shows up to shut someone down with a subpoena, etc. They are armed because some folks don’t take to kindly to being shut down, etc. AND there are often connections to organized crime and the like. And those folks like to carry weapons.

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