Home in Salmon Creek Target of FBI

FBI in Salmon Creek

Following week long rumors of a massive DEA operation in Humboldt, information began trickling out last night on a possible FBI raid.

By this morning, the North Coast Journal, KSLG, and KMUD were reporting variously that 300 to 400 FBI agents were in the area to bust a massive commercial marijuana operation. The FBI said they had 27 warrants to serve in the area. Busts in Redway, on Briceland Rd., Sunny Brea and now, here in Salmon Cr. are being described.

When approached, one of the agents (clearly identified with FBI in yellow letters across her chest) declined to comment other than to state that the woman and children of the home had been able to leave freely.



  • Great reporting Kym. Are they going from door to door in your
    neighborhood like I hear they are in Garberville and Redway?

  • As far as I can tell, they have gone only to one home. There were reports of 50 vehicles but all I can find is 3 or 4 at one home. The agent was quite nice but uninformative.

  • Everyone needs to drive by the Red Lion and Riverlodge at 3 or 4 a.m. and HONK YOUR CAR HORN endlessly as you drive by. At least we can keep those asshole scumbags from getting any sleep!!!

  • throw firecrackers from 2:30am on…….they’ll think we’re shelling them!

  • You two made me laugh but remember that these people are just doing their job and probably think they are doing a good thing. And Shelling people with guns….Scary8)

  • “declined to comment other than to state that the woman and children of the home had been able to leave freely”

    That’s nice. Someone take them in?

  • Yes, they are with family. They are good people so please send prayers or good thoughts towards them.

  • you’re right- marbles in a parade blues brothers style would work better in a script. we just need to cut the cake.

  • Live by the bud, go to prison by the bud. No excuse

  • Well, some of us feel that no one should go to prison for growing weed or making wine but we’re all entitled to our opinion.

  • ffffffffffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddddsssssssssss

  • Ugh. I write enough about this on my own blog, but holy hell… How are so many people, including DEA agents (I agree with Kym that many do think that they’re doing the right thing), so ignorant of the facts on marijuana? The amount of propaganda flying around makes me sick.

  • The feds must be bored, what with the lack of violent crime in the US.
    They have nothing more pressing to do than to investigate people for years and then bust them for pot.

  • This is a bust of greedy large scale grow, spanning multiple people and houses purely for the involved love of greed. They get what they deserve. Why stick up for people who “just can’t get enough.” Share the wealth, don’t posses it! Greed helps no one. Lots of small growers are better than several large and greedy growers any day. Can you say small stores all getting a piece of the pie, or Walmart, where you work for 8 bucks an hour while Walmart stuffs all the profit up it’s CEO’s asses. The same type of greed ruined the fishing industry by creating offshore manufactures that are owned by very few people and run teh smaller guys out of business. Greed. I say no.

  • I can’t speak for the whole operation, but the people in Salmon Creek are hard working good people that don’t appear rich to me. Just because the FBI says that they are part of a large operation

    a) doesn’t make it so (that is why we have the innocent until proven guilty law)

    b) doesn’t mean, if they were involved, that they were the ones making all the money. CEO’s make bunches but the logger doesn’t.

  • What a complete waste of tax payer resources. Did you know public schools are closing coast to coast? Did you know that in Saint Louis ALL public schools have lost their accreditation? That’s right, STL does not graduate kids from public school, they fund charter schools now… experimental and weird. Why treat marijuana farmers like terrorists?
    The real terrorists are undereducated American teenagers. I feel WAY more threatened riding the subway at night then I do by the fake threat of Muslim nail bombers.
    I do not share the same fears as white military Christian salesmen.
    Why waste taxpayer money criminalizing the non-violent?

  • No arrests, no confiscations, no immediate prosecutions? That is what the genial FBI spokesman said yesterday. This is all very strange. I wonder if there has ever been a raid as large as this in recent US history. What will they be doing today? (Wednesday)? I’m not hearing from the local lawyers on the FBI statement yet. I do hear gossip of raiding on a very large grow scene on Gibson Ridge near Whitethorn that has a Salmon Creek connection. Gossip.

  • It doesn’t make sense that they have such a huge operation but they aren’t doing arrests or showing off the pot found?

  • It is all quite surreal.

  • On our trip to Redway yesterday, we saw a white SUV where the driver and the passenger both were wearing Black Sweatshirts with yellow FBI letters on the front. As we were turning on to Briceland Road they were at the stop sign. There were many fire trucks some from Marin and Sonoma heading out towards the Paradise Ridge Fire. The giant white and red stripe helicopters were busy gathering giants scoops/bags of water. Ernie said the scoops are so big that you can drive a firetruck in them, so the helicopters must be really huge.There was some smoke, then the wind picked-up. The air was dusty and dirty yesterday, even with the wind in Loleta. I am going to get some face masks, so I can water the garden this eveving.

  • To Auntie Arkley, Those Feds are up at 3 or 4 in the morning preparing for the raids that day and I wouldn’t want to be pissing them off by honking my horn.

  • They are getting some small growers because they feel they can be or are connected in some ways to the bigger guys. pot growing is still a crime even though many believe it shouldn’t be. That doesn’t make it llegal to do just because you believe it should be. You are living in a world where you make your own reality and assume eveyone else should accept it. laws are laws people, wake up and smell the coffee (…or the pot burning). If you think our laws are unfair try to change them don’t villianize those who uphold it.

  • what was found during the search of the salmon creek property? did they seize any plants?

  • They did but I’m not sure about the details.

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