Elk Ridge Fire Contained

The Elk Ridge area backs up against the Early Ranch area of Salmon Creek. From her spot on the ridge, Nadia King, Salmon Creek resident, reported that she could see the Elk Creek Fire and it is contained. There are six fire engines on the site.

According to her, “The initial smoke must have come from the trailer–the trailer we heard was engulfed in flames…The smoke is mostly gone now.”

This blaze seems not to have been related to this weekend’s rash of lightning caused fires.

See Ernie’s Blog for local fire updates.

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  • Kym, nope, no structure fire. I was at that one. It was reported as a structure fire and a fully engulfed trailer. By the time that I got there, from the con camp, to Garberville, to Redway, to Elk Ridge, the fire was out. I arrived with the rest of the three engines that arrived on scene, and Cal-Fire arrived shortly after.

    It was a small fire in the brush behind the trailer. I didn’t get all the way back to it because I was with the engine pumping water.

    There were so many local residents showed up with hoes, shovels, maclouds, rakes, and back pack water pumps, that they had it put out. One guy had a brand new pair off running shoes and he had melted the soles off of from stomping on fire. These people are real heroes. The potential for disaster was great because of the heavy fuel load and the wind.

    I never recommend that anyone do anything that they are uncomfortable with, or that might endanger themselves, but it always amazes me how much life and property that willing bystanders can save before the Fire Department can show up.

  • Ernie, Thank you! I appreciate knowing what really happened and I know everyone else does too. The volunteer fire departments do so much good but those closest to the fire can really help if they are willing. I remember my husband saved a house in Guerneville from burning by standing on the neighboring house with a garden hose.

    Thanks to those locals who stepped up and kept things from getting much worse!

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