Call for Volunteers to Fight Fire in Leggett

Sheriff Tom Allman today called Red Mountain near Leggett “an area of critical concern.” However, very little is known about this fire. With resources stretched to the limit, the local VFD with two engines has basically been on its own with some help from CDF helicopters says Penelope Andrews, Leggett resident and KMUD DJ.

She contacted KMUD and this blog asking for volunteers to fight the fire. According to her, the local VFD, exhausted after a day on Red Mountain fighting a fire resulting from the lightning strikes this last weekend, asked for volunteers to cut fireline. She says,

“…down here in So Leggett the red mountain fire is coming down the mountain towards Ceder Creek and So Leggett. The local fire department who is very small is the only front line folks fighting this huge fire. Cal Fire is not even listing this fire but its massive, …we are trying to get the word out to any one close to come to the Leggett Volunteer fire department tomorrow morning– 7 am or later they can get you helping cutting a fire line. Wear the right gear, heavy boots, gloves bring hand tool, …Mendocino needs your help now.
Come to the So Leggett 101 freeway exit and look for the Dome.”



  • I always wondered who lived in that dome. I thought it was someone’s house. Finally, driving back from the Bay Area on Monday, I saw fire engines and all kinds of people at the dome and realized it might be some sort of fire station. Now I know for sure.

  • Ed Denson has a pic of the fire on his site. It’s big. The “weather event” site you can find on the ASIS homepage has a spectacular satellite shot of the fires. The fire must be getting close to the Bell Springs Rd. That wind yesterday was really scary. Let’s hope today is calm.

  • Sounds like you’re really playing a great role as a community news source, Kym. Keep up the great work! I hope the weather will cooperate to get these fires under control.

  • I linked to the photo Ed has of the Red mountain area on the post about Mendo fires.

    Chris, I hear that lightning could happen again this weekend. If you are a praying fellow, it might be nice to put in a good word for us here.

  • Hi! Can you update me on the fires? Not sure if this is the place to do it but My paranets live in Leggett (so did I 18 years) and I’m in Santa Rosa stuck at work with no news! Every worried! They live right by the Dan creek (?) bridge (1st bridge headed south) any news would be great!

  • Sylvia, If they live in Leggett, there are recommended evacuations there. I’m not sure where Dan Creek is, but you can call 707-467-6426. And check out my post titled Mendocino Fires today.

  • Jennifer Van Steen

    Hey Sylvia… not sure if u remember where we live, but we live over by meredyth… the police department came to our home and gave my dad a volunteer evacuation form and told him that they will most likely need to leave… my mom and the kids already left to ukiah…

  • Jennifer Van Steen

    I personally dont live in leggett anymore, but I still got hecka stuff I have to go get…

  • THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATES. I lived in Leggett for 10 years and I got the phone call from my mom yesterday who just got out of the hospital last Saturday,and is stating with my aunt in Ukiah. She has not been to her house for seven weeks. The owners of the Peg House, which my parents use to own called my mom and told her. My mom sent my Aunt and her boyfriend up to my mom’s house with a list of things to get such as her clotes and family photos,and her computer and throw them in the back of the truck. My mom is a huge owl collecter and i told her and she siad she didn’t even think about her owls. I told her you can’t save eveything. some of them aren’t replaceable. But she can live with out them. But yesterday after noon My Nephew Daniel called his step dad Mikey Dale and then he called me and said that the fire was undercontrol and almost had it self burnt out. My mom tols me that they were evacuate because they didn’t have the me. Mikey Dale is helping fight the fire. But still it is scary to know that our home town is being evaculated and there are a lot of trees and dry areas in leggett, not to mention the historical sites. thatnks for the updates. Becky

  • I love people using the blog to stay in touch!!!!

  • Any news on the fire? Which direction is it moving?

  • Has it hit Cedar Creek?

  • Dale,
    I tried to find out for you. Apparently, the Public line only receives updates twice a day–the next time will be after 7 pm. No one seems to know where Cedar Creek is. If it is the one that the beautiful bridge on hwy 271 spans, then I wouldn’t think the fire has gotten that close. The Leggett CDF told me a few hours ago that there were no structures immediately threatened.

    Please feel free to contact me with more info and I’ll see what I can do.

  • Kym,
    Cedar Creek is the first of the two old bridges you cross heading south on 271 right before South Leggett. The Cedar Creek head-waters rest up near Red-mountain. Thank you for the information, and keep up the good work.

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