Lightning Ignites more than 100 Fires in Humboldt/Mendocino

Smoke from fire extinguished yesterday


Normally each incident is reported separately on this site but the numerous amounts overwhelmed both the fire fighters and the incident collectors. Thus, the fires are all grouped by county.

Summary of Fires by Unit

Siskiyou Unit: 8 fires reporting minor acreage
Humboldt Unit: 50 fires for more than 200 acres
Mendicino Unit: 60 fires mapped, more than 30 additional observed; fires range in size from 1-125 acres

San Mateo-Santa Cruz Unit: 15 fires up to 2 acres in size
Amador-El Dorado Unit:8 fires for approximately 75 acres
Nevada-Yuba-Placer Unit: 7 fires all less than 1 acre each
Butte Unit: 21 fires for a total of over 60 acres. Butte County Sheriff’s department is effecting a Precautionary Evacuation Advisory for the Lake Concow Area for a lighting fire in excess of 100 acres burning off of Rim Rd. (Also referred to as Andy Mountain Rd.) in the Concow area. The American Red Cross is setting up an evacuation shelter at the Spring Valley School at 2771 Pentz Rd. off of Hwy 70. There are four road closures in effect: Concow Rd. from Yellow Wood Rd. north to the end of the pavement on Concow Rd, Concow Rd. from Nelson Bar to end of pavement, Rim Rd. (also known as Andy Mtn. Rd) from Hwy 70 to end of Rim Rd., Deadwood from Hwy 70 to Concow Rd.
Tehama-Glen Unit: 34 fires for a total of 550 acres.
Shasta-Trinity Unit: 62 fires up to 50 acres in size.
Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit: 5 fires with 4 contained and one burning near Napa West of Fairfield at 300 acres.
Lassen-Modoc Unit: 27 fires for a total of 25 acres.
Tuolumne-Calavares Unit: 15 fires for a total of 140 acres.
Madera-Mariposa-Merced Unit:15 fires reported
The Cunningham Complex (5 fires total) are burning 3,150 acres total, the Stumpfield Fire is burning 2 acres, the Indian Peak Fire is burning 60 acres, and the Oliver Fire is burning in the Sequoia National Forest. The Sequoia National Forest has reported 25 fires.

Now might be a good time to do that weed whacking you were thinking about!

UPDATE: Humboldt – Del Norte Unit: 50 fires for more than 200 acres. The Paradise Fire is Northeast of Shelter Cove and is 500 acres and 5% contained, The Redcrest Fire is 30 acres, the High Fire is in Humboldt Redwood State Park with unknown acreage or containment, the Carson Fire is 40 acres and 50% contained, the Hansen Fire is 2 acres with unknown containment, the Williams Fire is 25 acres and 50% contained, In the BLM Headwaters Forest there are three additional small fires burning.
Mendicino Unit: 90 fires have been reported for a total of more than 5,000 acres. The Orr Fire is 200 acres and has evacuations of the Orr Springs Resort and 20 homes in the area, the Navarro Fire is 1,400 acres and 5% contained, the Foster Fire is 60 acres with 0% containment, the Table Mtn. Fire is 1,000 acres and 5% contained, the Mallo Pass Fire is 600 acres, and the Juan Creek fires (2)are at 100 acres each. There are 8 additional fires at 30 acres each.

STORIES in the Media:

Eureka Reporter: “2,000 cloud-to-ground lighting strikes”

Times Standard:No injuries have been reported and no structures have been affected.”

Willits News:resources have been scarce because of the high number of fires in the area.”

Ukiah Daily Journal:a PG and E worker on the way to one of the fires said several electrical transformers had been hit during the storm.”


Thanks to Matt Stark, local fire crew member for pointing me to the Cal Fire link.



  • I was just listening to them talk about the nor Cal fires on the news. Scary! I hope you’re not in any danger.

  • The only fires in our immediate area were put out yesterday, thank goodness!

  • My mom’s place is a staging area for the Flynn Creek fire down here in Mendocino county. She’s got old photo albums in the car ready to go if need be. They’ve bulldozed a fire break across her north field and around past the old spring. Last time I talked to her, I could hear a helicopter flying by. She gets things fairly well mowed near the house, but the convict crews used hoes to chop a firebreak around the house to be safer. Bless ’em.

  • The fire in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park is the one that is worrying me. Brings back too many disquieting memories.

  • Elaine, Tami (Tj) and I went through the same experience a few years ago. The fire crews were wonderful and the fear was nearly overwhelming. I remember sending out updates daily to friends and family. One piece, I wrote scared to death and it still brings tears to my eyes when I reread what I wrote…

    “The computer tower will be one of the last things I pack. If the wind doesn’t pick up we’ll make it through the night. ”

    We made it through the night and the next. May your mom do the same and only have memories like Tami and I and all our neighbors.

  • Thanks for the good thoughts, Kym. The latest is that Mom and her nearest neighbors had to evacuate. The fire is burning the north wood on her property, and it looks like the crew’s main objective is to save the house if they can, while making strategic decisions to protect the more heavily populated Rancho Navarro area. I expect we’ll know tomorrow if she’ll have anything to go home to. If not, I’ll probably be off-line for a while.

    The CalFire blog always freezes up on me with the frame saying “waiting for” even though I am already at the page. So thanks for posting the stats.

  • It’s times like this that I miss Estelle on KMUD.

    I’m glad to hear that they got all of your fires out Kym. I haven’t heard any kind of a full report on any of the fires since this whole thing started. All that I know is they have everybody working or on full standby. Including all of the Volunteers. I have no way of judging how serious this might be.

  • I meant to thank you Kym, you have become the new Estelle. Thanks for the updates. I have trouble getting any kind of current information off of the Cal fire Site.

  • We drove the Dyerville Loop from Fruitland to the Alderpoint Rd. this afternoon. We could see the Paradise Ridge fire and many smokes out to the east and southeast. None seemed very close. When we got home, I checked the Nat Weather Service 1KM visual satellite and was startled to see the number of smokes in Northern California. Many fires on the east side of the Coast Range and many more on the Sierra side of the Valley. This sure makes me understand how stretched the firefighters must be. Glad to hear the Salmon Creek fires are out and, Ernie, Cristina Bauss did a good job of fire reporting today on KMUD. Have to say that I go right to Kym’s site to get the latest. Hope things work out at Flynn Creek. My wife, Tui, lived there back in the early 70s. She was very upset to hear about the fire down there.

  • That’s good, I’m glad to hear that Cristina jumped into the breach. She does a good job at whatever she does.

  • Thanks both of you for adding info. It’s much appreciated. Ben, could you explain how to use the National Weather service satellite? I’m not sure I even have the right site.

    I’m kicking myself for not listening to KMUD today. I should have known there would be coverage of the fires.

  • Kym, The National Weather Service site for Garbervile is what I use. I am a dud on the blogs so don’t know how to make a link. Toward the bottom of the page are a local radar pic and a satellite pic. Click on the satellite pic and you get a list of images. First on the list is the 1 KM visible. It is pretty current so at night it is dark. If you have high speed, you can run the animation. This morning, the smokes are less defined than yesterday but there are some distinct plumes from the larger fires. Yesterday the Napa fire could be seen blowing up. The wind predictions are very favorable. This is the worst lightning event that I can remember. Back in the 70s we often had lightening in June but things were still pretty green as it often rained right up to and into June.

  • Here is a link to the site. Click on 1km.

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