Fires in Mendocino Threatening Homes

Smoke near the King’s Range

A reader of this blog and writer/photographer of Willits Daily Photo , Elaine says, “The latest is that Mom and her nearest neighbors had to evacuate. The fire is burning the north wood on her property, and it looks like the crew’s main objective is to save the house if they can, while making strategic decisions to protect the more heavily populated Rancho Navarro area. I expect we’ll know tomorrow if she’ll have anything to go home to.” On her blog, Elaine says that the biggest fire is around 1400 acres and her mother’s place is on that fire. “Bulldozers have cut wide firebreak lanes through the property and beyond…All we can do is wait, and hope there is enough manpower and equipment for the crews to succeed in their battle safely.”

Yahoo Answers has a thread on the fires, and according to wren b, the local Mendocino radio station, KZYX, is saying that “The national guard has been called in and fire departments from neighboring states have been called in to help with fire relief.”

My experience with the Canoe Fire makes me ache for all the fear the home owners are going through.



  • I do hope Elaine’s mother’s home will be saved. So scary.

  • Anger. Frustration. Helplessness. Loss of control. Resignation. Acceptance. Reading this post brought these feelings I experienced in the Canoe Fire right back to my consciousness. I pray that the fires are stopped quickly. This morning had a heavy dew, so that should help. Tj

  • I keep checking Elaine’s blog hoping for good news.

  • Regardless of the smoke it’s a lovely picture. Looks like a very nice place to sit for a couple of hours.

  • You can see for miles there. The far mountains rush down to the ocean and a 160 has you staring half way across California in the other direction.

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