Fire in Garberville

Fire crews fighting Locust St. blaze battled high temperatures on Friday.

On Friday, the 20th of June, a house behind Ray’s Food Place in Garberville caught on fire and was heavily damaged. Ernie Branscomb, local firefighter, gave his opinion that the home on Locust St. might be salvageable though.

Ernie Branscomb points out water donated

by Ray’s Food Place to a fellow fireman.

According to Kaivalya (a local blogger), “… Reuben’s house in Garberville caught on fire. It’s badly damaged, he’s in a hotel with his dogs and some fish right now. Sai at Emerald Technologies is collecting donations on Reuben’s behalf until we can get something proper set up at the Community Credit Union.”

Sai can be contacted at or 923-1268.

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  • Kym, thank-you for mentioning the donated water. I’m always amazed at how thoughtful people in the community are. It seems like before we even know that we might need food or water, we have it. The Coffee and Donuts always show up on the early morning fires and that is especially welcome. Usually we don’t even know who brought the stuff. In this case I know that Amillia’s Donated some delightful sweets and Ray’s donated water and Gator-aide. Gator-aide is almost an essential on a hot day. I know that some other people donated refreshments also. So if you are offended that I didn’t mention you just let me know, I will give credit where credit is do, because we DO appreciate those goodies when we don’t have the time to run for them.

  • And of course this same community is out there helping the family with their terrible loss, and rightfully so, a fire is the worse thing that can happen to a person, this side of death or a serious illness. You have no idea how traumatic it can be for someone to lose everything they own. You will never feel bad for helping someone who has just lost everything in a fire. If you ever want to donate to a worthy cause help a fire victim.

  • Ernie, we do have a great community. Thanks for being one of the volunteers who makes good things happen.

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