A Long Hot Summer

More Fires burn towards the Ocean

Not only are there 2 fires here in Salmon Creek but more can be seen towards the King’s Range. One resident says she has seen 3 this morning and lightning is still flashing across the sky.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Thanks for the updates on the fires. Mark is out checking for any slow smolders on the ranch. So far, so good.

  • We had a lot of thunder and lightning here last night too. I hope all the fires down there have been extinguished.

  • I’ve been on the phone since 6 am when we got the pager call, but your information was invaluable! Thanks for being “quick as lightning” with the news….

    According to the guys over at the station, there were over forty fires from lightning strikes last night. Scary start to a summer of drought.

  • Tami, we can’t see any smoke on your ranch from here. I think you are fine. But it is hard to see little smoldering fires.

    Aunt Jackie, I hope so too but it looks like there may be some problems in the King Range area.

    Kato, Thanks and it is an incredibly scary start.

  • Kym, there are quite a few fires around. Keep your eye out, and don’t hesitate to report anything that looks suspicious. The fire crews are spread extremely thin.

    Don’t hesitate to put out any small fires that you encounter, if you feel comfortable doing that. Don’t try to take on anything major.

    There are fires everywhere again, and everyone is hoping that the wind will stay calm.

    You know your area better than anyone, so you will make an ideal person to keep an eye on things. Plus, that is the price you pay for living on a beautiful mountain top.

  • I saw 1 strong fire in Salmon Creek around 9am this morning – I think I saw a little bit from a second fire.

    Maybe Ernie would know, what is the best number to call and report smoke spottings? I just got passed around until I talked to Fortuna.

    Before all the thunder and lightning, yesterday Reuben’s house in Garberville caught on fire. It’s badly damaged, he’s in a hotel with his dogs and some fish right now. Sai at Emerald Technologies is collecting donations on Reuben’s behalf until we can get something proper set up at the Community Credit Union.

    It’s been a real wake-up call!
    This is the time to vigilant about fire.

  • Kaivalya: You got the right number if you called Fortuna. KMUD was telling people all day NOT to call 911 to report fires: they were overwhelmed. My volunteer fireman came home after six hours and said there were spot fires in every direction this morning. We went up to Elk Ridge at dinner and only saw two big ones left: one in the Dutyville area and one maybe around the Dyerville area. Hope everyone’s OK. Sorry to hear about that house in town. What happened?

  • Mendo County is reporting over 100 fires. One house burned in the Spy Rock area. Thanks to all the firefighters. Stay safe! A guy I know on Spy Rock was hit by a limb.

  • It almost looks like a small patch of fog…..

  • Forkboy, Look at the plume behind the first ridge that shows most as a fire (That is the Paradise Ridge fire).

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