Sunrise Through Blurry Eyes

Sunrise through Blurry eyes

Daily Photo

I don’t much care for getting up at 5 but sunrise helps.



  • Red in the morning, sailors warning.
    Red at night, sailors delight.

    Of course that is an east coast sailors tale. but what the heck…

  • Thank God for snooze buttons

  • I’m glad you got up to get this, Kym.

  • Sun rises are lovely. I often see them when I am crawling into my box of native soil.

  • I love where my home is located with one exception – we cannot see the sky well enough to view the sunrise or sunset. Thanks for this one.

  • I’ve had to draw the line on sunrise or early morning photo excursions. I am NOT a morning person. I’ve learned to live with. But thanks for posting this lovely image….so that is what sunrise looks like…… 😉

  • Some of my favorite photo trips were with a cup of starbucks, on a bridge over some body of water…waiting for that awe moment… no photo is every as great as just being there… Amie

  • Five a.m. is definitely too early for most things, but beautiful sunrises are one of the little gifts you get for getting up that early. Not that I would know from personal experience.

  • So… that is what it looks like very, very early in the morning. I have heard of it. I don’t think I have a single sunrise shot in my archives. Darned near everything else, no sunrises. Thanks for sharing. I do have some moon rises…

  • “Get up before dawn. Greet the Sun and say Thank You for this day. The Sun will see you and say: I like that one who greets me in the morning and is so polite. I will send her luck.”
    A local Indian saying.

  • Yup, I’m one of the owls too. Back in my younger days, I could stay up all night to the sunrise when school deadlines loomed. But that was a long, long time ago. ;^) Thanks for showing how the other half lives.

  • I like getting up early but five is getting up very late at night in my opinion. Six is morning. Five is night. However, I’m going to take Ben’s local Indian saying to heart. I always greet the sunrise with awe and thankfulness–now I’ll know to look for the luck that will follow.

  • 5 is early, but it’s worth it for a sunrise. Though I tend to get more sunset photos than sunrise photos myself. 🙂

  • Now that, Elizabeth, brings to mind a story I heard a million times in Independence Hall.

    At the Constitutional Convention in 1787, there was (and it’s still there) a beautifully hand-carved chair for the presiding official (Washington, at the time). At the crest of the back of the chair, there is a half-sun carved to appear to be sitting on the ocean.

    Ben Franklin is said to have gazed quietly at that chair during this ceremony for a while, and then voiced his musings about whether it was a rising or setting sun. He was, of course, speaking metaphorically of the newly born Republic.

    Since your comment, I’ve been looking at Kym’s photo, and similarly musing.

    (Ah, google is my friend. A photo, and the story, with the full quote of Franklin by Madison, on Flickr.)

    (Kym, may I borrow your photo?)

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