Butterfly in Black and White

Black and White in Color

Daily Photo



  • Awww – now this is becoming unfair – I have tried for two years to photograph a butterfly successfully! You do it with such joy and wonder that i am filled with envy. They are beautiful! 🙂

  • That’s a beauty!

  • Archie, I recommend a butterfly house for capturing images of the flitting creatures. There are so many it is easier to find one halfway still.

    Aunt Jackie, Isn’t it handsome?

  • oh wow – what an amazing image! I’ve never seen a b&w butterfly!

  • This is such a beautiful butterfly and shot. It almost reminds me of a deck of cards or one of the characters from Alice in Wonderland – maybe the Queen of Hearts. Something about those wings!

  • These were huge butterflies. here it looks regular size but actually it was the size of a small slice of bread. And, Sandi, it does look like it has cousinship with the family of spades!

  • Grand photograph. Now I have to add quantities of butterflies to your list of great things to photograph.

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