Butterfly Alight

Butterfly Alight

Daily Photo

Note the curling tongue.



  • I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a butterfly tongue before. Thanks!

  • Cool! Butterfly slurps! If you ever get a chance, it’s well worth the drive to visit Redding’s Turtle Bay Exploration Park. They have a really neat butterfly exhibit and I plan on investing in a macro lens before I go back.

  • I never considered that butterflies might have tongues. Very long and curly! Beautiful wings.

  • Wow that does not even look exactly real it looks like a fairy tale painting of a butterfly.

  • I took this at the Butterfly house in Six Flags. There were an incredible number of colorful butterflies. I wish I had had a macro with me.

  • Kym… My first thought was that this was a Salmon Creek shot and that a tropical butterfly had strayed into your yard. Thanks for the explanation.

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