Red Hot Poker

Red Hot Poker

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  • Your photo isn’t showing up, Kym, there is a message that it has been moved or deleted. You can avoid this by uploading directly to WordPress, using the media things at the top of the bar. I got this message yesterday when I was on Google reader, but when I went to your blog, the photo was there. Not today.

  • I can’t see it either.

    I bet the search engines will send you some interesting traffic on the title alone. LOL.

  • No photo this morning. Kym, I posted a photo of the echium. We have a yellow hot poker. It is such a festive plant!

  • BTW, somebody I sent to your blog couldn’t see anything either, because her husband has set the computer to not tap into sites like Photobucket for fear of hacking. Didn’t you get some editing software with your new camera?

  • Sorry, I’ve been gone but the photo is showing up just fine here. I’m not sure why it isn’t there.

    I haven’t any editing software that I’m aware of and I’m pretty happy with photobucket. I’ll keep paying attention for more problems.

  • I am still getting the message that “the image or video has been moved or deleted.”

  • Now the “empty” space where the image should be is very large, but still says it has been removed.

  • Is it up now? I put this one in incorrectly.

  • I see it now. Pretty picture. You should have gotten something called “Nikon Picture Project” with your camera. If you didn’t, I have an unused copy of it you could have. I went straight to Photoshop. Also Google Picasa is free, and is good for cataloguing you photos. Picture project will run on Windows or Mac.

  • It is working beautifully, Kym! Just gorgeous! It is Greg’s birthday and we want to get him a new digital camera. Any good suggestions?

  • I just bought (Kevin bought for me) a Nikkon D60 and I love it but it isn’t cheap. The little pocket camera’s are still pretty good. I had a Kodak M??? that I got at Costco that was decent.

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