Humboldt County News Blog Discusses


The blog, Humboldt County News, has two new posts on marijuana grows.  The first discusses the yields and power usages of a typical indoor grow.  The information appears well researched.  I recommend taking a look.  The author is clearly well informed.

The second post expresses dismay and clearly articulates problems with the “gold rush” of marijuana in this area. Both pieces are excellent references for people looking to be educated about some of the issues surrounding our local underground economy.

Plus, just for fun, the first post has a photo of the tallest marijuana plants I’ve ever seen.

I don’t agree with all the conclusions (ie that teachers in Eureka are being laid off because of the large number of indoor grows cutting into the amount of children living in the city–one of the commentators points out a good rebuttal to that idea) but I think the pieces are incredibly informative and thoughtful.



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