Sunshine in a Bag

Sunshine in a Bag

Daily Photo

Thanks to the Guerillaz for the title

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Oriental poppy? Lovely! I need to get some more Oriental poppies…mine all died years ago.

  • Pretty. I wish it would quit raining in Seattle so I could go out and take pictures.

  • Oriental Poppy is correct. And I need some more, too and I have 6 pots 8)

    Silverstar, And I wish it would rain down here so it will stay green longer and then I will enjoy taking pictures longer…

  • Ooooh, I love that Gorillaz song. Used to sing it when I was sitting in the line-up on a perfect, small, glassy day with sunshine bouncing off the water.

    You take such gorgeous photos, Kym.

  • My boys introduced me to their music. I’m not a huge fan but that song is very catchy.

    Thanks, Jen

  • I held back from asking at first, but I am wondering with which generation “sunshine in a bag” started to mean you’re carrying a sack of cannabis. I can’t tell if you guys knew this or not, meaning that it may have started with my generation. Just curious.
    I remember those lyrics. “I’ve got sunshine in a bag, I’m useless but not for long…”

  • Aw man… It’s a drug reference? (yes, I’m that clueless. I had no idea.)

    I liked it the way my brain first interpreted it with the photo. Wish I could erase the other meaning. I like the poetic one better.

    Turkish Prawn

  • You must think we’re ancient!

    Personally, I remain willfully naive at times — I love the catchiness and choose to interpret the lyrics (or not) to suit my own whims. Even at risk of singing along to all the silly songs and knowing not what they mean.

  • Aw Ren, I thought sunshine in a bag was powdered heroin (thus the poppy) That is the way I heard it used.

    TurkishPrawn (I started to abbreviate your name as TP–thought better of it 8) The poppy looks like a woman’s handbag full of sunshine to me. You don’t have to hear the other meaning.

    Jen, Compared to Ren, we are ancient. But, I’ll bet you are as up as Ren on all the music scene and that is saying quite a bit.

  • I stopped being up with the music scene in about 1967. Yes, there have been some decent songs written since then, but I prefer my oldies. 🙂 And I thought sunshine in a bag was just as Kym explained, a woman’s handbag full of sunshine.

  • I love that song and I had no idea it was a drug reference. It wouldn’t had bothered me if it had, it’s just a sad comentary on how most lyrics totally escape me – after lots of guns and machinery, my hearing sucks – and I love songs for their sound, not their politics – yes, apparently I AM that shallow . . . .

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