Frogs Hopping again on Hacker Creek Tributary

Lilly Pads?

Picture taken on May 23rd

Hiking Hacker Creek

Last Friday, Melissa Martel of the Division of Environmental Health at the Dept. of Health and Human Services examined the water in Hacker Creek. “It looks good,” she said.  “We’ve made lots of progress.    According to tests, there are “no detecs” for a 1000 yards below the spill.” The diesel spill which was reported on May 14th contaminated the water for at least 400 yards.

The creek that FAN Consulting is now calling a North Fork tributary of Hacker Creek is supporting wildlife.  Martel describes the water, ” I did see frogs hopping over the pads–little teeny ones, less than 1 inch.”  According to her, the little amphibians seemed healthy and not in danger.

North Coast Environmental Construction is digging a ditch between the area of the spill and the creek.  This will be a collection area to gather any diesel still seeping.  Any liquid in there will be put through filters to remove diesel and clean the area further.

Martel says, “We want everything observable. . .If you can see it, or smell it, then it is there and we will get it.”

She goes on to explain that because the tests are showing clear for such a distance that “People can put their waterlines back in.”

However, she urges water users to contact her office if they detect even the slightest odor or taste.  You can contact her office at 445-6215



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