Not Merely a Mirror.

Not Merely a Mirror

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The tightly constructed craftmanship of this man’s art makes each quality piece stand out.

Seen today at the Summer Art’s Faire.



  • Wow! Is that the artist reflected in the mirror?

  • Wow! That is an amazing piece of art. Too bad it would be covered in fingerprints at my house ;-).

  • Kym… What great marquetry. Beautiful design too. I’ll be missing the Fair this year but a couple of years ago I found a booth with really fine marquetry work. When I questioned the proprietor, I discovered that he was not the artist but worked for a company which produced the pieces in a factory back east. I was shocked. Im not suggesting that this booth is the same outfit and I won’t be able to check it out but I’m a bit suspicious.

  • That’s amazing. I’m moving at the end of the month…but I doubt something like that would fit in the new apartment. Would look really nice in one of your dad’s places, though.

  • Hmm, I thought this was the artist but Ben’s comment has me concerned. I thought Summer Art’s Faire was juried to make sure items were hand created.

    I’ll see if I can find out. Meanwhile, we’ll just say the man pictured was the manager of the booth.

  • I got there late with just enough time to look at about 5 booths before I had to start my shift selling quilt tickets so I didn’t get to explore (missing Headwrapper’s other art pieces which I was looking forward to). If someone goes today let me know if you found out anything.

  • I spoke with that reflected man a couple of years ago and he is indeed a salesman for the company which manufactures these fine mirrors back east somewhere. They are computer cut and pasted. Very nice, but not exactly hand made by the artist. I have seen the product being sold by other sales people at other fairs.
    Thanks for the shots Kym. I enjoy seeing your camera work!

  • Sadly, I go there every year to look at the lovely art and this year about the only things I had time to see were computer pieces (still lovely but not what I had hoped to enjoy.) Luckily I got to see our quilt which is beautiful.

  • How neat! I didn’t realize that was a mirror until I read the comments. I thought it was a window or door – another fun idea.

  • It was a fun picture to play with. But I hated having my romantic bubble that the guy made the woodwork himself burst.

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